System Sweeper : Compact MS Security Essenials for Dead PC ( Video )

Microsoft after a huge success with Microsoft Security Essential has now released, System Sweeper, another security program which will help you a computer which does not start i.e. Reboots as soon as you login or hangs or does not allows you to install an Antivirus Program. Worst happens when you cannot even use utility like system restore or  Recovery Options.

What is System Sweeper ?

This is exactly same as Microsoft Security Essentials but compact  works as standalone and in its self bootable environment. Check the Video after you have learned how to set it up.

How System Sweeper Works ?

This is standalone program which  creates a bootable media which can be on a CD or DVD or even a USB. All the files required to scan and clean your PC is placed in the media. When you have an infected pc, use that and boot from it. Then it scans your PC and removes any files which is infected with virus and malware in offline mode i.e. without connected to internet.

How to setup System Sweeper ?

Download the application from here. Make sure you download the right version i.e. 32 or 64 bit and use it on a system which is free from a virus. So if you are setting up a new PC, this can be one of the first thing you should be doing.

  • Launch the file with admin privilege.
  • Read the Prerequisites and Click Next. Also Make sure you are connected to internet.
  • Select Media options.
  • Next step will start downloading the files from Internet and then add to USB or Media or create an ISO file, depending on what you choose.

Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper Media Options

What if you dont have a CD or USB for now ?

System Sweeper has an advance configuration which allows you to create an ISO file. This ISO file can be used to burn to a blank DVD or CD and then used on a different computer. This is useful when you want to create multiple copies or share it with your friends so they do no have to download it again.

How to Scan an infected computer with System Sweeper ?

  • Depending on what you have,  USB or CD / DVD, Make your computer to boot from that. You will have to change the boot device preferences in your computer.
  • Restart your computer and if it boots from System Sweeper Disk, the scan should start soon.
  • Like I said its the same MS Security Essentials in compact format, you have the same options like on desktop. You can perform full scan, quick scan, add exceptions to file types and history is maintained though I assume this possible only if you have made it on USB.

Video of System Sweeper


  1. Though I have used the Microsoft tool mentioned by you, it doesn’t actually looks like working!!!!


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