How to Tag Your files in Windows for Quick Search (Windows 11/10/7)

When it comes to searching a file, it is easy when you remember the exact name. However, if you don’t remember the name, and there are too many similar ones, then it becomes difficult. Windows offers a TAGS property that allows you to associate a file with specific words that can help search files. This post will guide you on how you can tag your files in Windows 11/10. The feature has been there in Windows 7 and Windows Vista as well.

How Does Adding Tags to Files Help?

Tagging is adding a nickname to something which you can easily remember. Like you call your friends with nicknames rather than their original names. So next time you make a document on a project, tag it with a name you can remember. If you add a common name to a set of files, it helps you group them.

How to Tag Your Files in Windows for Quick Search

add tag to files Windows

  • Select the file which you want to tag.
  • Right-click and click on the Properties menu
  • It will open up the property window for the files
  • Then on the property window, go to Details Tab.
  • Locate the Tags label under Description and select it
  • Click on the section next to tags and under the Value column
  • It will turn into a text box where you can type something
  • Then click on the Ok or Apply button

add tags to a file

Note: You can add multiple tags separated by semicolons. Also, if a tag is already used, it will pop up, and you can add it instantly.

In the earlier version of Windows, adding tags was easy for images as the list of properties displayed in the Windows Explorer Bottom Bar. Just click and Add a Tag to add more tags. That’s not possible anymore in Windows 11/10.

How To Search Files By Using Tags?

Find Files with Tags in Windows

Next time you search, type the tag name instead of the file name, and all the files carrying the tag will appear in the search result. Most of the time, you will remember tags than fines; hence, your search will be faster and save time.

You can even save this search by clicking on the Save Search button on the top left. These types of searches are called Saved Searches, which are useful when you often search for the same thing.

How to Apply Tags to Folders?

You cannot apply tags to folders. It only works on individual files and is available for all types of files. The best way to manage folders is to organize them under the proper name, depending on what you plan to store.


  1. Nice hint, but on my system it does not work for all files. For Example Acrobat Readers PDF can not be tagged.
    It seems like only Microsoft Filetypes and most graphicformats are tag able.

  2. I very seldom find I can tag a file, let alone a folder.
    It only seems to work in the Pictures folder.
    Tag boxes are sometimes there in the Detail tab of a file but can’t be changed from a ‘blank’

  3. I am having SO much trouble finding any info on the stupid tags field in Vista Windows explorer. While displaying a folders contents in Detailed mode (i am not talking about the details pane at the bottom of the folder) I enabled showing the TAG field. However, i have yet to be able to find a file type that suppots adding/editing anything in this field. What file types does Vista support in editing these fields? Is there a patch or hack so i can add my own tags? like on my avi files and PDF? Microsoft makes me so mad!!

  4. I have no trouble tagging files in Vista-64, and I use it extensively without a problem. I just wonder if there’s a hotkey to shortcut the field-edit.


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