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Viewing Codes becomes easy with Syntax Higlighter for Chrome

Syntaxt Highlighter for Chrome

Ciewing CSS files or PHP codes online is hard when you open the code as plain file in your browser. Applications like RJ Text ED always make that task easy and now you can do the same using Syntax Highlighter,an extension for Chrome Browser.It comes with support for several languages like PHP,  Python and CSS which is required by many ...

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Share and Post sticky notes on any computer in your network

Advance Sticky note app, create Sticky on computers in same network

Windows 7 and Vista have the inbuilt program which allows you to place Sticky Notes on your desktop but what if you want to share it over network ?  Here is another Sticky notes application, known as StickIt which like other applications you can create notes but the most eye-catching feature of this application is that you can post this notes on any machine which ...

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A Notepad like application helps you to focus on your writing

Dark Room is a small, Notepad like app, which aims at providing distraction free, writing environment. Once you install it, it by default opens in full-screen mode, and then you can enjoy writing on a black background with the text color as fluorescent green (by default, you can change both the background color and text color to whatever you like). ...

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Download transparent notepad for Windows

Glass Notepad, created by Theking9794, is the old notepad on which Aero theme has been applied. This way it looks closer to Vista and Windows 7 application than windows 98 family. Apart from the sleeky look you also get an extra option of Insert menu there. This option can let you insert time. date or any special characters you want. ...

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Smart Paste from Notepad to Excel

By default when you paste something in excel it gets copied in just one cell which might not be just your requirement. Generally if you paste something in excel it will appear in the cell you selected it. This becomes difficult. Now lets say you want to paste in such a way that some of the text appear in first ...

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Notepad 2008 : An advanced notepad with Microsoft office Looks

If you are tried of using traditional Notepad which has nothing buy all text and simple menus, its time you need to try Notepad 2008 which comes with an advanced menu which is of same format as MS office 2007 have – Ribbon based. Features what you get here are: Ribbon based menu Tabs for opening multiple tabs Advanced Formatting ...

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Features of Microsoft’s XML Notepad and How to

It allows programmers to quickly build and edit small or large sets of XML data as a test bed during the development of XML-based applications. With XML Notepad, you can create XML document prototypes quickly and decrease your production time.Its a pretty neat tool if you really can get hold on it. This was introduced in 1998 but was gone ...

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