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Sync Dropbox with Amazon Cloud Drive

Scheduling with Amazon Cloud Drive

Gladinet with their recent update now supports Amazon Cloud Drive, the cloud storage service which was recently announced with 5 GB of free space and no limitation on bandwidth. Now with so many cloud services it becomes difficult managing data at every place. So what you need is sync. As of now Gladinet do not support sync with Dropbox but ...

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Add to Home Screen : One tap launch to play Amazon MP3 on iOS

One Tap Launch Amazon MP3

Amazon Cloud Player doesn’t support playing songs on iOS device but you can download and listen them in Safari inbuilt player.  We know it’s not a solution but here is something better. This will work on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Select a Song and Tap on Download in Amazon Cloud Player The song starts downloading and then playing in Safari. ...

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How to listen songs from Amazon Cloud Player on iPad / iPhone / iPod

Play music from Cloud Player Amazon

Seems like Cloud Player, recently introduced to listen music from clouds, doesn’t work on Safari Browser in any of the iOS devices. Whatever be the issue if you want to listen to songs from Cloud Player on your iPad / iPhone / iPod, just download the file using the browser and you can still listen. This is not a solution ...

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Save your Amazon MP3 Purchases into Cloud Drive

Amazon MP3 Store Settings

This is another reason why you will love to use Amazon Cloud Drive Service. Till now any music you bought from Amazon was required to be downloaded on your local computer which also means that you need to back up and take care of all purchases on your own. But now, with Cloud Drive you can save all your music ...

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Listen music from the clouds with Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon has finally come out with a personal backup solution with their new service, Cloud Drive which stores documents, videos and music right on the cloud with you worrying much about loosing it, nor carrying it on your mobile.  Along with Cloud Drive there are two more things,  Amazon Cloud Player for Web and an app specifically for Android. There ...

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