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How to automatically enable DND mode while driving on Android Phone

Automatically enable DND in Android

Using Phone or even getting distracted about calls, and messages are dangerous while driving. It can lead to accidents, death and much more. It is always a wise idea to enable DND mode when you are about to start driving. You can still look back all the notifications when you get off the driving seat. It is tedious to do ...

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Android app for Indian Penal Code, Constitution of India and more [Free]

Apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC

It is interesting if you are an Indian, or somehow you are interested in India, here are some Android apps which you will love to install on your Android Device. These Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, CPC and they allow you to improve your insight about the Indian Laws and Constitution. Android apps for Indian Penal Code, COI, ...

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Control Privacy and Data usage on Android Phones

Prevent apps from accessing your Location and or the Internet Connection

If you are an Android user, you might be using so many apps downloaded from the official Android Market or from any other trusted sources. The apps which we keep downloading often access our location and the internet, sometimes the user is aware of this i.e. at times a user knows that certain app is accessing his/her location or internet ...

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Video : Two Way Sync Android SD Card with Dropbox

Free Android app to sync a folder on SD Card with a Dropbox folder

We all are well aware of the Dropbox, and if you are a Dropbox user, I am sure you are already using the Desktop Client and probably the Dropbox app for your respective Smartphone as well. Using the Desktop Client for Dropbox makes it damn convenient for the user to share the files using the Dropbox service. The Problem – ...

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ICS Mods for Nexus S / 4G You would love to have

Nexus S with On Screen Buttons

After the release of ICS Android 4.0 which comes with a beautiful UI which Android is trying to get unified, Devs have started tweaking that itself in bits and pieces. Been tracking them from sometime and here are few lovely ones you can try on. Before you jump the bull, make sure to backup your current ROM with whatever recovery ...

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Install Face Unlock on Nexus S / Nexus S 4G ( Mod )

Setting up Facelock on Nexus S

Due to the hardware requirement of Face unlock feature, which allows to unlock a phone looking at your face in Android ICS, Nexus S and Nexus S 4G did not get this along with the ICS update in the stock rom. However thanks to stars2 @ XDA Forum, there is a mod available now which can get you this feature right away. How to ...

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Lync for Android is Here and How is it compared to WP7 App

Looks like Microsoft has decided to make the most popular mobile  market Android and iOS both their playground by releasing  Microsoft Products based apps for them. Recent Releases of SkyDrive, Kinectimals for iOS, Microsoft has now released Lync app for Android Phones which was recently released for Windows Phone. For those who aren’t aware Lync is an Instant Messenger Service ...

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Re-Sign multiple APK files with Test or Private or Your Own Keys

Signare Sign APK Files

If you are an Android Developer with tons of APK files that needs to resigned again with different key or need to replace the test keys with your private keys, doing it with the developer tool can take a lot of effort and time both. AndyHarney @ XDA-Forums has developed a tool which allows you to batch sign such APK files ...

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