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Download Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7 and Windows 10

Free Antivirus Windows

Virus, Trojans, Ransomware, worms, and whatnot. They belong to the same family trying to steal your data or lock down your files while you browse the Internet. You can accidentally download it on the computer, and stay unnoticed if you are not using anti-spyware or a good antivirus. Some of them are available for Windows 7 as well, and most ...

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Protect your computer from infected USB Drives : USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer

If you take good care of your computer against antivirus, chances are you will never get your USB drive infected also but this cannot be guaranteed if one of your friend is getting  his USB drive to copy songs from your computer or you have used your USB drive in a cyber cafe. The only solution to this problem is ...

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Scan Windows PC for Virus without installing AntiVirus

Microsoft Security Scanner

Many a times it may so happen that you do not have an Antivirus Installed on your machine and there is no internet connection where you can download one.In these situations, a portable virus, malware and spyware scanner is very helpful. Microsoft has released Safety Scanner (64 Mb files  ) which can scan your PC or any folder on demand ...

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Virus Total: 40 Antivirus engines to Scan online and via email

I posted about NoVirusThanks, an online virus scanner, which scans suspicious files using 24 antivirus engines; here is another tool on same lines, Virus Total, this too is an online scanner, which scans your files using multiple antivirus engines (around 40 antivirus engines). There are two ways to scan your files, i.e. you can either upload the files using the ...

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Hijack This helps you analyze Registry against browser attacks

Browsers are one of the tools which are always main target to attack people either by installing malicious scripts, registry values or phishing. Though it is not easy to find each and every one but Hijack This makes this easy for you by analyzing registry values and giving you a quick fix if anything you find it unknown. You can ...

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Hands on with Microsoft Security Essentials : Morro

I had been using ESET Nod 32 Anti virus from more than a year. I would say the best anti virus of all we compared. Works silently , not heavy on system and knows if something is virus. It even passed the Anitvirus Test we made couple of months back. Microsoft has released its own Antivitus product called as Morro ...

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New Generation of Antivirus Shaping up

Almost all the security products available in the market till date work and rely upon the Virus Signature Database, leaving few like Threatfire as an exception, Virus signature database, is a collection of mechanisms and algorithms to identify and block, delete or quarantine the malicious files. However the efficiency of Signature based security products has lately became questionable, and the ...

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USB firewall : Safeguard your computer from USB drive infections

USB drives are vastly responsible for planting several unwanted programs on your system, USB firewall is a small application, which protects your from this. How the computer gets infected via USB devices The whole mechanism goes like this, whenever a USB drive is inserted on the USB port of your system, there might be several programs, which enter your system ...

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How CloudAV Works ? [ Video ]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote on CloudAV – A new approach to Anti virus Softwarest where I mentioned the following lines. “I think CloudAV will be highly effective to fight against all kind of threats including the Zero day threats, but due to the behavioral analysis, CloudAV might be heavy on resources.” But, I was wrong, behavioral analysis ...

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CloudAV – A new approach to Anti virus Softwares

In spite of the fact that several anti-virus softwares are available in market, and all of them keep updating there database for new viruses, but still the reliability of a anti-virus is quite questionable. Researchers are working on a new kind of software, known as CloudAV to fight out the viruses, and claim that with this we can say ‘Good ...

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Tracking Worms, Spam and Malware with Google Earth – Neat!

Smap Around the Globe

F-Secure came up with pretty innovative idea where they are tracking Spams, Worms and Malwares and integrating it with them directly on to Google Earth which gives a pretty neat idea from where things are coming. In fact they are tracking first with IP which is converted to latitude and longitude and makes it presentable in Google Earth. Here is ...

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