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How to Create a Cache / Backup of any web page

Many a times when you visit an important page you had bookmarked, it just vanishes. This becomes nit only disappointing but if you had been using that for educational or learning purpose, it becomes impossible to find it again, specially if its one of a kid. So today we are introducing you to another awesome service, DeadURL.com, which resolves this ...

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AVG LiveKive Review : Why you will like to use it

Online Backup, Sync and Sharing service by AVG LiveKive

A new service, named as LiveKive have been launched recently by the Popular Antivirus Company AVG. If we talk about such services, we do have several options available with us, but what makes LiveKive unique, is the automatic Backup feature. Simply create an account  later download the desktop client, now you can manage all your Backup, Sync, and Sharing operations ...

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Download Free Automatic PST backup tool for Outlook

Safe PST Backup

When using Microsoft Office Outlook, all the emails, contacts etc are stored in .pst file which is like a database. If you have this PST files you can carry it to another computer and use it again without loosing your data but if this file goes corrupt or if you lose it because your computer crashed its a huge problem. ...

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What’s inside Recovery Option in Windows 7

Backup in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes along with a built-in option, Recovery which provides ways to restore your windows machine to a previous state using easy methods like System Restore to long shot method of reinstalling the Windows again. The idea of coming up with this post is to make you aware that Windows is capable of making backup, performing restore and even ...

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Mirror Folder keeps your folder structure in sync

Mirror Folders

Keeping same data in your laptop and on your computer is what many of us do but what if you do not want the complete backup but only sync files you want between your computer but still have the same folder structure on both computer. Why not have the complete data  ? Lets think a bit about it. Lets say ...

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Restore accidentally deleted / uninstalled Programs

Restore Programs Comodo

Sometimes we accidentally delete system drivers or even uninstall applications and the later get to know that we need it. Also if you test around lot of applications on your computer, installing the application every time is time-consuming. Comodo Programs Manager is a Windows utility which helps you in restoring programs in such cases. This application focuses on areas like Program Installation and ...

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How to Backup and Version Online OneNote Files Across Network

OneNote Dropbox

Online Office does not have any feature of backing up your data or have version support but using the Desktop Office and few features inbuilt you can make do both backup and version your files on your computer. Facts : It is possible to edit the online document in your desktop  and sync with Online Document. Office OneNote App has an ...

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Lookout : Free Backup + Missing Device + Antivirus for BlackBerry

Lookout Wipes BlackBerry Data

LookOut is an Online Blackberry Service + App Combo which provides : Back up your contacts and photos, Antivirus to safeguard your BlackBerry against viruses Helps you find if you have lost your BlackBerry Mobile. and Transfer your data on BlackBerry like contacts to a new BlackBerry Handset. All you have to do is go to download page of this ...

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Manually clean failed backup in Windows Home Server

Failed Backup List

While taking manual backup of my home computer today using WHS dashboard > Computers and Backups, there are an error reported which said backup failed for network disruption. In Windows Home Server the failed backup arent removed immediately so it stays and keeps space occupied until a server cleanup task runs which is set to happen manually. However it is possible that ...

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