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Create Windows 10 WiFi Hotspot using Connectify

Share Windows 10 Wifi Connection Connectify

Windows 10 comes with an inbuilt feature of a WiFi hotspot. You can create a virtual router and let you connect multiple devices. It makes it easy to share internet connection from Ethernet or Wifi. In this post, we will share how you can create Windows 10 wifi hotspot using connectify. If you are still using Windows 7, it works ...

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How Smartphone users see each other: Comic Comparison

iPhone Vs. BlackBerry Vs. Android Comparison in terms of users

There is no doubt that one smartphone user looks at the other with an opinion, kind of gadget you are using definitely gives an impression to the others. An Mp3 player user will probably always be seen as something like a non-classy by an iPod user, isn’t it? Here is an awesome comparison, as seen on C-Section Comics; it was ...

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How to display your favorite team’s flag on BlackBerry Messenger

BBm Flags

Its time to cheer your favorite football team by showing fo the flag right into your status if your family is already complaining about the VuvuZela App. BlackBerry Official Blog has come with table containing shortcuts that can be used to display flags. This is what it looks like : And if you support more than one team just add all of them ...

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Download Official OS 5 for BlackBerry 8520 Released

This is a big news for BlackBerry 8520 owners like me who can install the Blackberry OS 5.X version which is release officially now. You can Download  from BlackBerry.com I had been using a cracked version since few months so I am sure there are not much of pie for me but if you still have 4.6 on your 8520 ...

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Bolt gets Download Manager for Blackberry

Bolt is probably the only browser which works on non smart phones too and it has grown, improved and is giving better experience to even smart phone users.  I had been using Bolt browser on my BlackBerry and works like charms for almost everything and with their latest release it even got better. Download Manager is what I liked most ...

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Free Check List application for Blackberry

In the earlier post we talked about Add to Calendar Application from Berry logic and here is another awesome application which will help you manage your tasks when you have multiple things to do.  Be it a new year party or your House hold stuff, a checklist always works good. bbChecklist is a simple application which  lets you create simple ...

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Add any Email to Task / Calendar in BlackBerry

When I started using Blackberry I was missing one option which I had in Outlook, Add any Email item to Task List. Emails are not mere conversations but every one has something which results in task, appointment or a calendar event. Berry Logic is giving out their free application, Add to Calendar, which adds a context menu when you open ...

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Productive application pack for BlackBerry : Fixmo

Blackberry itself gives you a soothing experience but applications on top of anything always gives a buzz. FixMo Tools is another set of application which adds lot of features to your blackberry. Here is the list : Undelete : recovers last 20 deleted items including Email, Pin messages, Calendar events and memos. Flame Retardant :  Takes are if you are ...

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Download Free Blackberry Themes

download free blackberry themes

These are a set of themes that are available as a free download for blackberry mobiles. Some of them are pretty close to being a premium theme and some of it will just give you most of everything. So if you do own a blackberry and want to download a theme for free here is the list. Enjoy it. Download ...

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Capture BlackBerry Screenshot without connecting to computer

Taking screenshot of Blackberry screen is one of the basic need for writing posts for us, but for many others it could be required for capturing errors or website screenshots etc.  BlackBerry Screen Shooter is one way to do it but it required your mobile to be connected to your computer which means you cannot take screenshots without it. Capture ...

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Download Free Blackberry Wallpapers : Holiday Special

My BlackBerry is giving out free wallpapers for your blackberry home screen and you can download them from here absolutely free. These are holiday special wallpapers which includes wallpapers featuring Turkey,Christmas,New Year,Snow, XMas, Christmas Trees and Doves. Download

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Want to avoid / block calls on BlackBerry ? Try Do not Disturb

Many a times like when you are talking with your family members or your girlfriend or doing something important, phone calls is something which you always wanted to stay off no matter how important it is, specially from the unknown numbers. Do Not disturb is a paid blackberry application which lets you : Block certain numbers completely. [ Best if ...

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