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Which Media Types your BlackBerry Supports

BB Media Handbook

When trying to view a video or play an audio on your mobile device, if you were not able to run it, there are possibly two reasons for it. First the file itself is corrupted or your BlackBerry Phone doesn’t support that format of the file. This becomes a problem because you do not know this while transferring files directly ...

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How to get your bricked BlackBerry live again

BB OS Update

If you are kind of use who loves to hacked or leaked version or taking one step head try installing stuff which might just brick your BlackBerry, RIM has complete set of instructions online to bring it back. What you need : Internet Connection. BlackBerry Desktop manager. And a USB connector. One this is set just follow the instructions for ...

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How to setup Wi-Fi music sync BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone

BB Wifi Music Sync

Wi-Fi Music Sync is a new feature that comes along with BlackBerry OS 6 and Can be used via BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6.0.  BlackBerry 6 OS is available now in BlackBerry Torch 9800, the new smart phone from BlackBerry which has both power of touch and keyboard. Follow the steps below to configure Wi-Fi Music Sync in BlackBerry Torch 9800 ...

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Inside BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

BB Desktop Dashboard

BlackBerry Recently released 6.0 version of its Desktop Software which one first look is sleek, beautiful and looks like recreated from scratch.  Though this version is majorly to support the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS which is also supported for the brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Curve which has new 3G coming along ( I am going to miss it ...

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Using Datacard’s Sim with BlackBerry’s IP Modem

IP Modem

Last week my Airtel Data Card 3G device stopped working and replacement is due this week. Because of this I wasn’t able to get connected to internet. Like most of the datacard Airtel’s Data card had Sim inside it which can also be used any mobile like any other Sim. Saturday when I was updating my Blackberry Device I suddenly ...

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Download Free BlackBerry Master Control Program

Blackberry Master control program is one stop application for managing your BlackBerry device from your desktop. This application combines lot of features and information into one place. Though this program is not very complex but you still should understand what you are doing. Here is the list of features : Take screenshots which can be set to Auto Capture or ...

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Download Blackberry Curve 8520 OS ( Leaked )

Today Blackberry Leaks reported a leaked version of BB OS for BlackBerry Curve 8520 which points that sooner or later RIM will be rolling out an official version of it. I tried installing it on my BlackBerry 8520 and it was successful without any issue and its working smoothly till now. Once you run the setup it will do ...

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Configure your BlackBerry as IP Modem

BlackBerry Desktop Manager with its recent update has added a feature which lets you configure and use your BlackBerry mobile as IP Modem to surf internet if you do have the data plan on your BlackBerry Mobile. This menu item appeared today morning in the desktop version 5.0.1. Steps are pretty simple all you need is to configure the access ...

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How to fix Bluetooth peripheral missing driver for BlackBerry in Windows 7

Blackberry 8520 can connect to your computer via bluetooth but when you actually connect it shows 2 driver missing in Windows 7.  Due to this driver issue I wasnt able to connect my Blackberry Mobile to BlackBerry Desktop manager installed in my computer. Though it’s not much of issue but if you would like to do your synchronization via Bluetooth ...

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How to update BlackBerry Device Software

Keeping your Blackberry software update is essential if you want to use the latest feature and keep it more secured. This was the second thing I checkout first after I had moved my contacts from my old phone to blackberry curve 8520. All you need to do is go to this page and download a 31MB plugin after disconnecting your ...

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