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How to Backup, Restore & Create Chrome Profiles

Customize Sync preferences

We saw how Google Chrome has already introduced support for creating multiple profiles which allows you to connect them to their  personal account and hence keeping all your data synced across computer. This is very obvious that you sync on a shared computer only when you trust each other. Now recently it so happened that all these profiles were lost ...

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Productive Chrome Browser’s Lab Features You Should Try

Print Preview in Google Chrome

If you are using Chrome as your main browser, there are a lot of features available in Chrome, experimental, that you would love to try.  These features need no extension and might be releases as permanent option in coming version of Chrome. To see these features, type about:flags in a new tab. You will have to relaunch the browser again ...

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How to open Gmail Chat as new Tab

Show as Tab in Chrome

One thing which I really hate about Chat in Gmail is because its more like Pop-up window which doesn’t allow me to switch with any shortcut. So if you aren’t using Gtalk and want to use Gmail Chat, it becomes a terrible idea. However if you using Chrome, there is a handy feature for any pop-up window which lets you ...

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How to import Google Chrome Group Policy Settings in Windows

Google Group Policy Settings

Google Chrome is ready for business as declared in Google Enterprise latest  post and for that Group Policies are in the place to deploy.For Windows the policies come as templates in form of ADM or ADMX files which you need to install. Below are the steps : Download the Policy Templates from here Extract it. Here you will find two ...

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Why is Chrome Netbook named Cr48 ?


Yesterday Google Offered its Chrome OS Netbook for free which is technically named as Cr-48. Now if you are wondering why the netbook is named so here is an answer from Kuntal Its Kinda Scientific Actually , Cr Stands for Chromium , 48 is the Isotope Number of It , So Cr48 🙂 I could have never thought of this ...

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Use Chrome Task Manager to find resource consuming tabs

Chrome Task Manager

Browser Chrome treats each of the tabs as separate process which gives an advantage to the users to kill it when a web page loading or plugin might be slowing the browsing experience down. One way of doing this is using the Windows Default Task Manager which also lists the open tabs in same way but Chrome comes with an ...

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Chrome lets you block Location Tracking Cookies

Crosshair Wire Symbol location tracking chrome

Location awareness is now one of the common method to find where you are right now so that sites you visit can serve you better which can be in any form. However if you are too much concerned about your location Privacy, Google’s Chrome browser comes with specific settings which can help you in blocking sites which track your location ...

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Chrome’s Pin Tab feature

Looks like We got at least one close match of a  feature of  Windows 7 Pin to taskbar. Chrome  tabs have got a Pin Tab feature which not only lets you make the tab stick but also lets you reduce the size of the tab to the favicon. This is how it works exactly : Right Click and select Pin ...

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Did you notice Chrome’s Page Flip Theme Changer

Today morning when I launched the Chrome browser I notice a small difference. There was Page Flip at the bottom right of the page which looks like this : This link points to the official Chrome Theme gallery from where you can select any of the 30 available themes to apply in your chrome browser : Classic, Baseball, Brushed, Candy, ...

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Tabs in Chrome – “A new Experience in Tab Browsing”

Ashish already wrote a nice post, about the unique features of Chrome, I also downloaded and was going through several features of Chrome, later I realized something that was somehow missing in Ashish’s post was, regarding the tabs in Chrome. Tabs in Chrome are pretty different, as compared to any other application/browser with tabs, tabs here have a different location, ...

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