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Archive Clipboard remembers Copied Text, Files and Images forever

Archived clipboard manager

Many a times when you do a lot of copy-paste work, which includes text, image, files or folders, there is a lot of repetition, because Windows can only remember what you copied last which gets erased by next copy action. Apart from this disadvantage, it is also not possible to recall what you just copied or what inside your clipboard ...

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Smart Clipboard Manager for Windows : Shapeshifter

Visual Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Managers always help us when heavy copy paste work is required. Today we found another such application, Shapeshifter,  which is a very rich application when it comes to usage and visual interface. This interface is built using .net framework 4.0 and has minimal configuration, compared to others. To compare we took two best clipboard manager, Archived Clipboard and Clipboard ...

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Quickly upload screenshot, text, file from Windows Clipboard

ZUploader Apps

If you have copied anything using Windows Control + C,  moving it to a online services which can host images, simple text or files is minutes job for ZUploader which is simple but very powerful application.It is smart enough to understand what you have in your windows clipboard i.e. a file or an image or just simple text and when ...

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Increase your Windows clipboard history size with xNeat

xNeat Clipboard Manager

Windows replaces copied item by the next item you copy which means you can just have one item in your clipboard. Now if you just want to increase that count and not a complex Clipboard Manager, xNeat is a great application. This application increases the count I have tried to any number you want and all you need to is ...

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Translate right from your clipboard

Clipboard with Translation Power

Whenever you want to translate any language back to English it always takes 2 to 3 steps, Copying , Look which language it is and then copy it to where you want to use it. Nothing wrong but here is an excellent alternative for you, klipboard translator. This application monitors the text you translate ( using ctrl + C ) ...

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Copy your IP address to clipboard in a click

This free software goes for users for whom IP addresses changes a lot and then need to use it while working. Getting your IP address is very easy by using command line utility or going to network places but CopyIP application copies your ip to clipboard in a click saving half of your time. All you need it double click ...

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Windows 7 and Clip : Copy from Command prompt to Clipboard

Clip is one of the utility that comes around with Server version of Windows and looks like its is getting distributed along with Windows 7 also. I am using the Ultimate flavor. In simple words this utility can get data inside clipboard and outside clipboard. For example if  you want to copy any data from command prompt to clipboard, so ...

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How to Copy from clipboard to command prompt and to clipboard again

This is particularly for hard core heavy command prompt users i.e. if you love to work with those black window with white text, here is a utility that brings power of windows clipboard into command prompt. NClip is a free windows utility which allows you copythe data to command prompt from clipboard or copy data from command prompt to clipboard ...

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Powerful rule based batch file Renamer

Many a times it becomes a burden when it comes to rename files which contain special unwanted characters. For example names of the images which you export from digital camera or music files which you had ripped of from your music cd. Windows doesn’t provide any bath process nor any advanced solution which can help you out renaming files based ...

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Change case of Clipboard text on the fly: Primitive Case Changer

Primitive case changer is a standalone application, which allows you to change the case of the text with one click. Primitive Case Changer, when launched opens with the text on clipboard already loaded in it. Have a look at the animation below, while creating this animation, I copied the text up to last paragraph in this post on clipboard and ...

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Simple Online Clipboard : Hey! Paste It

Every time we copy any data in Windows, it is stored in a temporary memory called as clipboard. However this clipboard data is overwritten next time you do a copy again and moreover the data on clipboard is lost whenever you reboot your computer. Hay Paste it is one simple solution for simple need. If you work with text a ...

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