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PowerCmd is powerful windows command prompt ( CMD ) alternative

PowerCMD Multiple prompts

Windows Command Prompt is still very basic even though Windows has gone far ahead with Windows 7.  Most of the time command prompts are used mostly by either developers, deployment experts or administrators but with command prompt being so basic an alternative to command prompt is very much required. PowerCMD is one such powerful alternative which makes using windows command ...

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Try these to correct misspelled long commands at the DOS Prompt

Correcting Wrong Command First

If you work over terminal and all those black screen also popularly known as the DOS prompt, re-typing a misspelled or in correct command is so painful. I remember working on Linux at college and it was a night mare. Windows Command prompt gives you an option to correct these mistakes in simple ways. If you have made mistake in ...

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Drag and Drop to Command Prompt

Drag Drop Command Windows

This is a cool trick which I found accidentally, You can actually drag and drop any file or folder to Windows Command Prompt and you would get the File or Folder Path automatically in it. This comes very handy when you want to have long named files or files with lot of white space to be on command prompt. Also ...

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Download Windows Command Reference file

When it comes to command line action its bit scary unless you are technically sound and working with it but for normal users they don’t have a clue. Microsoft has a Help files which includes details on most of the commands which work on windows including example for each of them which is explained neatly. Here is an example : ...

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Change End of Line between Unix and PC

End of Line is a handy tool for people who work around documents created in Unix and PC. In Unix the EOL is lf while in PC it is cr + lf. So when you open a text file created in Unix in a PC environment everything gets displayed in one line. End of Line converter can help you convert ...

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Windows 7 and Clip : Copy from Command prompt to Clipboard

Clip is one of the utility that comes around with Server version of Windows and looks like its is getting distributed along with Windows 7 also. I am using the Ultimate flavor. In simple words this utility can get data inside clipboard and outside clipboard. For example if  you want to copy any data from command prompt to clipboard, so ...

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How to Copy from clipboard to command prompt and to clipboard again

This is particularly for hard core heavy command prompt users i.e. if you love to work with those black window with white text, here is a utility that brings power of windows clipboard into command prompt. NClip is a free windows utility which allows you copythe data to command prompt from clipboard or copy data from command prompt to clipboard ...

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How to find all open ports and Connected IP addresses.

Many a times you need to find what are the ports which are open and connected to Internet i.e. for example like yahoo meseenger or gtalk always connect to their server using a particular port on your computer. APort is neat utility that can give you a lit of programs which are using a port and connected to a particular ...

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Make Old DOS games playable with DOSBox

When people are into XBox and PS2, few of us who grew up with old dos games with 16 colors and those classy 8 bit music still miss them. Infact I had couple of friends who still play with the old game set of them. Same way there were lot of Dos games which dont work now. Keeping all these ...

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Console : Tabbed command prompt for Windows

Many a time it becomes necessary to use command prompt of windows and on top you might need to run multiple consoles at a time. Though browsers have evolved from no Tab to multi tabbed  to single process for every instance but there had been no tab for command prompt, probably windows had been so user friendly the need didn’t ...

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Create virtual drive of any folder from windows command prompt

Few days back I talked about a software which allows you to create a virtual drive of any folder i.e. like your c drive or d drive it can create another drive say Y which appears in your my computer.  The software name was Visual Subst which made me thought if it was a windows command. I looked around and ...

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Find command line and parameters of any program using CMDLine

CMDLine is a freeware which allows you to find something which we never look or get lazy to go and find it : The options and paramters availble with any program.  It needs no instllation and all you need to point is the program and it shows you all. And as a bonus you need not to even browse , ...

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