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Read your PDF files, the flip style (like a book)

Several PDF readers are available in the market; we do have many choices, online and offline options, apart from this you can also go for portable readers, depending upon requirements and system configuration, a choice can be made. POKAT reader is a pretty different from the PDF readers you would have came across up till now. The most eye catching ...

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9 File Sending and Sharing services Compared and Tested

Here is a list of 9 File sharing/Large File sending services, the main criteria for choosing them to be discussed over here, was, some feature which I found unique in them, apart from their ability to deal with very large file size. FIle Dropper A Simple and easy to use service, files up to 5GB size can be uploaded and ...

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5 Popular Free Anti virus – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]

Here goes the third part of the series on compared and tested and this time we picked up 5 Popular Free Anti virus softwares. Windows users and viruses are like chums, who keep playing Hide and Seek, with each other, and somehow the only tool to win this battle is, Antivirus Softwares. In this post I am trying to compare ...

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5 Popular Audio Players – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]


Welcome to the second part of the series. Generally the very preliminary stage of every Geek is either a Music Lover or a Die hard Game Player, the first thing one learns to do on the PC is either of them. I not sure about other countries but probably in India the first software a child interacts with is none ...

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5 popular PDF Readers – Compared and Tested [ Windows ]

PDF Files have been a very powerful mode of communication (used esp. for long text files), and unfortunately none of the Windows versions have that as an in-built utility. PDF Files need special software to open/read a PDF File, this software is generally termed as PDF Reader. Here I am enlisting the five most widely used PDF Readers with a ...

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