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How to track for changed files and folders in Windows 10

Date Modified Windows Search

Many a time it becomes hectic to find what files got changed every day either from your web server or even your file system on the hard disk.  The only way to do it is by using a timestamp, but it is not only tedious but also time-consuming, especially when the change is very dynamic. In this post, we will ...

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Track Windows Registry changes with Regshot

Installing software on windows results in change of registry which acts as big database for saving settings , trail period time, trial keys etc in Windows. At the same times its very difficult to find what changes had been made by any software because you never know where it going to add its settings unless you understand the registry completely. ...

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How to compare and combine two Word documents

Word Revision Details

Comparing two word documents is required when you need to find what changes were made by another author to the original document and later combine both the documents if you find changes acceptable. Microsoft Office Word comes with an inbuilt tool which lets you compare two documents based on Insertions, Deletions, Moves, Comments, Formatting, Cases changes, White Space, Tables, Header ...

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Compare directories for keeping backedup data in sync

Directory Compare

Most of us who are serious about data always keep their files backed up either online or on network folder. But what happens when there is change either in source folder or the backed up data ( target ) ? We will not know that until we monitor the folders regularly which is very tedious job. Directory Compare is a ...

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Measuring things on your screen : Pixel Window

Many a times when designing web pages or even images it becomes a necessity to size according to pixels or lets say you found an image on web and want to find how many pixel it is ? Pixel window is an AIR based application which helps you measuring the pixel size of any window, image etc quickly. All you ...

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Quick Diff: easily examine the differences between two pieces of text

I somehow examining the differences between two pieces of text is your requirement, here is a nice online tool, which allows you to do so, Quick Diff. Quick Diff is damn easy to use as shown below. There are some options on this page and their meanings are as follows – Trim Lines Trims empty spaces on the beginning and ...

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Hijack This helps you analyze Registry against browser attacks

Browsers are one of the tools which are always main target to attack people either by installing malicious scripts, registry values or phishing. Though it is not easy to find each and every one but Hijack This makes this easy for you by analyzing registry values and giving you a quick fix if anything you find it unknown. You can ...

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Monitor changes in folders with directory changes watcher

Windows 7 / Vista provides you with feature where you can track who is accessing the shared folder but there is no way you can track what files changed in those folders. This is where Directory changes watcher comes into play. This portable application can keep a watch on any of selected folders to track whenever the changes take place. ...

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How to compare the Intel Processors before buying

If you are planning to buy a new Intel processors and have 2 or 3 in mind but still confused, its time you check out the comparison tool provided by Intel where you can select any processor from the family of processors they have and get the differences side by side. Compare between Core 2 duo processors or the extreme ...

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