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Convert Files by just drag and drop : File Blender

File Blender

If you are looking for a killer conversion software which ease of use, File Blender beats out most of the converting tools by supporting major audio, video and image formats all in one place. It uses libraries used by popular software like Irfan View. Though it acts as a GUI to many tools which are either heavy or only available ...

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Free & Advance Batch Watermark and Resize Photo Software

Free software to watermark your photos full featured

Watermarking your images/photos can be very useful at times; it saves your creation from theft, as well as works as a signature for you. There are several ways and several applications, online tools etc. to watermark your photos easily. Here is another tool, a desktop application, which is free for personal use, and is really awesome in terms of the ...

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Convert up to 50 Mb files online for Free

Select the desired file format online media file converter tool Fileminx

Online File conversion tools are great way of converting files from one format to another, no installations, nothing, simply open the tool in browser, upload the file, choose the converter, and later download the file in desired format. Fileminx is an online tool, which allows you to make online file conversions of media files. Using Fileminx, you can easily convert ...

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Online Services to meet all your media conversion needs

Conversion Options at onlineConVert.com

Online file conversion is something which really makes it damn convenient to convert files from one format to other, without any type of installation.  Wn often need to convert video, pdf, images, word documents and what not. I am listing down six services which you should bookmark. #1 online-ConVert.com online-ConVert.com allows you to several types of file conversion, and also ...

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Convert Images and PDF files to searchable text (25 Private Beta Downloads)

We talked about OCR Terminal a couple of months ago. OCR Terminal is an online tool which allows you to convert images (scanned or snapshots of any readable text) to searchable text, using the OCR Technology. You can convert the images and later you can download the same in .txt, .doc, .rtf and .pdf formats. OCR Terminal recently announced the ...

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How to convert your C# codes to VB.NET and vice versa

Earlier we talked about Codepad, and online compiler for several programming languages, here we are going to talk about an online tool, which seems to be very useful for programmers. This online tool is actually a converter which converts the C# codes to VB.NET codes; moreover the VB.NET codes can also be converted to C#. The tabs ‘C#’ and ‘VB.NET’ ...

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Give a Polaroid look to your photos and watch this process

We have talked about an online tool to convert your photos in Polaroid look, here we will be talking about a small application which converts your photos to Polaroid and you can actually watch it happen, i.e. remember the Polaroid cameras, once clicked the photo comes out of the camera and it takes couple of minutes to get the developed ...

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Batch convert a video to multiple Nokia mobile format

Nokia Video converter is a free tool which can convert videos that can be played back into most of the latest nokia phones such as Nokia N90, Nokia 6205, Nokia E71, Nokia 5800, Nokia E63, Nokia E75, Nokia E71, Nokia N96 and more. Nokia Comes with its own suite which can also convert into same format but there is a ...

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Convert PDF, Docs, Text to MP3

Zamzar, the famous online file conversion tool has added one more weapon in their arsenal, Convert to Speech. Now you can upload any document like pdf, doc, docx, text, opt, pub, wpd, wps document to speech  and save it in MP3 format. As they say in their official announcement this is very useful feature for visual impaired people and also ...

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Convert your files to any format ( Almost )

Zamzar is a file conversion service which  allows you to convert from almost any format to any other valid format  and works fast, and basic version is free to use which should almost server your basic needs. All you need is a file and email address where the converted files are sent to Inbox. As shown below it’s a simple ...

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How to convert text to mp3

Voz Me on Websites

Converting text to voice can be very useful in so many ways, you don’t need to read out simply listen. vozMe is a service that can help you in creating mp3 from the text. It is a easy to use online tool. You just need to type in or paste the text. Enter the text as shown in above image. ...

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