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Convert up to 50 Mb files online for Free

Select the desired file format online media file converter tool Fileminx

Online File conversion tools are great way of converting files from one format to another, no installations, nothing, simply open the tool in browser, upload the file, choose the converter, and later download the file in desired format. Fileminx is an online tool, which allows you to make online file conversions of media files. Using Fileminx, you can easily convert ...

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Converber : Converts everything

Converts Everything

Converting from one unit to another is a every day job when you deal with either foreign market or when you need to compare rates in some other place with yours. As you deal with it daily you get used to regular converts but something new might just trick you unless you have Converber. This free application is a powerful software ...

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Quickly convert MS Excel files in to MySQL tables

Sample excel

Xls2mysql is an online tool to convert MS Excel (.xls only) files to MySQL tables, simply browse to locate the file on your local storage, and then click on the ‘Submit Query’ button, as shown below. Later in second step, it will extract the column names from the excel file to make the same columns in MySQL table, also it ...

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Google Finance based Currency converter for Chrome

Currency conversions are an important factor if you trade and keep a watch on international market and getting product in and out between different countries.  Getting an accurate information about conversion is equally important and Google Finance is an excellent option and Currency Converter extension of Chrome uses it. Supporting more than 65 currencies all you need to do is ...

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Promote You tube videos with your own branding – Linked Tube

Lets say you create a video for selling one of the latest converters for video and you create a demo on you tube. Now people if they like it would have to go to the landing page of the product via the url you show in the video or any link you give in comments or description. This is like ...

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