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Find Social Media records of any person : KGB People

Comprehensively search for a name in multiple social networking sites, online docs, etc. in one go

‘KGB People’ is the name of the search engine, which when queried for a name, produces the comprehensive results, which tell you about the profiles with that specific name on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Also it allows you to have a look at any kind of other online entries with this name. It has a simple search engine like ...

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Kidrex brings Safer search engine with fun for Kids

Fun and Safe Search for Kids

KidRex is actually a Google Custom Search engine, designed especially for kids. It uses the Gogle’s SafeSearch technology, and for every keyword it either doesn’t return any results (e.g. Porn, Incest, etc. like explicit keywords), or presents only the results (webpages and links) which are safe for kids. KidRex works fine, I tried several keywords and the results returned are ...

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Wallbase : Find HD & High Resolution Wallpaper

Wallbase: search engine to search and download free wallpapers

Having a search engine for Wallpapers, Sounds good isn’t it? Wallbase is a search engine, designed especially to search and download free wallpapers from their database. At first use it looks like a simple search engine which can search wallpaper based on keywords you type into the box. The view changes as soon as you switch to Advance Search. There ...

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Behold : Find High Quality Flickr Images

Adding high quality pictures and images in presentations or prinout is one of the key factors which makes you stand out and eye drawing from the rest and nothing beats out Flickr when it comes down to find quality and real images. Behold is a custom image search engine which lets you search Flickr for only High Quality Images with ...

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Who is Him : People search made easy

The more Social Media site has grown the roots deeper into everybody’s life, Finding people over internet has become easier. if you are looking for your old classmate or lost friend sites like twitter, Facebook and YouTube is one of the best places to start with. Who Is Him utilizes this part and is a people search enhancer which creates ...

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A dedicated Search Engine for the Muslims: I’mHalal

I recently came to know about this new search engine, I’mHalal, which was recently launched, and the about page of this Search Engine has the vision which is as follows – “The last few years Muslims have become very active on the Internet. The lack of tools for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities responsibly has inspired ...

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Dedicated Search Engine for Indian Recipes

We have seen several types of search engines, like a list of 21 Excellent Search Engines to Find almost anything in the world and 15+ Dedicated file download search engines, etc. Here is another dedicated search engine for Indian Recipes, named as IdliDosa.com. You can get several different recipes for every Indian delight you enter here, go through them and ...

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15+ Dedicated file download search engines

File hosting and sharing is a lifeline to people across the web world, we have Rapidshare, Megaupload, zShare, 4Shared, etc. like services which allow us to download almost any types of file, documents, movies, music files, and much more. Looks like any digital creation, has a copy somewhere on any one or more file hosting/sharing services. Here I am enlisting ...

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Funny name, Smart Search : Duck Duck Go

We have talked about lot of Custom Search Engines before but this time we found one which is not only funny but also smart. Duck Duck Go is what they call them, not sure why but this duck is pretty smart when it comes to search. Here is the first sample of how search looks like : Searching is like ...

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Find nearest Pizza place with Pizza Share

Bored of daily evening routine and want to hangout at  a new place or lets you are traveling and in mood of eating pizza ? Pizza Share is here to help you out. This brand new service lets you find a new pizza place on Google maps according to Zip code or place name. Since this is more of user ...

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RapidStack finds you Rapidshare files minus Dead links

Rapidstack in another brilliant search engine based on Rapidshare which gets you rapidshare file links which actually work and filters off the dead links. This search is made in real time and you can see the activity when you hit search after entering your keyword. I tried searching for ICE Age 3 Dinosaur age and the result was really accurate. ...

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