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How to increase partition space by extending in Windows 10

increase Partition space

It may so happen that you might need to increase your partition size of an existing drive. One option is where you get a new hard disk, but if you have enough space on the primary drive, you can increase/decrease the size to create more space. In this post, we will suggest how to increase Partition space or hard disk ...

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Increase hard disk speed and life with MyDefrag

Defragmentation Options

Defragmentation basically means reorganizing and in computers it comes to organizing data on hard disk in such a way that your files are accessed faster giving you an better experience. MyDefrag is a free hard disk defragmentaion software which helps you increasing hard disk speed and life.   According to MyDefrag, beginning of the hard disk are faster and if the files are sorted according to the usage ( which ...

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Windows 7 has Scheduled Defragmentation

Many of us are using Windows 7 as their primary OS now, and no doubt it is an awesome OS. Recently I came across another awesome feature of this OS; it can’t be said unique as somebody told me that it was there in Windows Vista as well. Windows 7 comes with auto defragmentation feature for the disks. Defragmentation is ...

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How to better Defragment paging files and registry hives

Windows 7, Xp and Vista comes with built in support to defragment your hard disk to speed up or increase your computer / PC performance. However the default defragment is limited to files scattered around your hard disk. There are even tools available which allows you to faster defrag in pretty much less time. However none of the software’s allows ...

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