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Everything can search files faster with the fastest indexing on Windows 10

faster files search windows

In Windows, indexing files and folders result in huge index size because not only the file names get indexed but also the content inside it. It is useful when you are searching within the document, but it also slows down the search. Everything is small indexer application which limits itself by indexing only File names and folders. It results in ...

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DocFetcher makes searching faster with smarter Indexing technique

Search for specific text within the Documents on your Computer DocFetcher

Generally we download files, and save them with the same name as they have it on the server where they are hosted. In such case biggest issue is faced when you know that you have the file, as you remember downloading it lately, but you don’t know the name of the document file. Here is a search utility, which can ...

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Desktop app to Search and Download Torrents

Torrents have a very special place in the life of a download junkie. Torrents definitely are the best way to download huge files, especially if you have a slow internet connection or you get spikes in your download speed. Well, so how do you search for torrents? In most cases the reply would be in the browser, either directly on ...

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Add network and un-indexed folders to Windows 7 libraries

Windows 7 libraries is one of the best features of Windows 7 which helps you in organizing lot of data in one place, this definitely helps you when you deal with lot of files and folders everyday. Though you can add any folder here but Windows 7 restricts adding any folder to Libraries which is not indexed and if you ...

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Save your frequent windows search in Vista / Windows 7 to save time

Many a times we search for the same set of words or corelated words which are similar and we just keep repeating it.  Let say you have a folder where  files gets automatically downloaded. You need to find what are the pdf files which was also downloaded. So we type *.pdf and wait for the result and we do it ...

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Find all your shared folders and recent items in one click in Windows Vista / 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 allows you to view all your shared folders quickly. Just follow this path : <WINDRIVE>:Users<USRNAME>SearchesShared By Me.search-ms or just look for Shared By Me Icon  @ ” <WINDRIVE>:Users<USRNAME>Searches ” location As soon as you double click it , you will be shown all the folders which you had shared from your computer. This is an ...

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Find files, music and programs faster with Launchy

Launchy Finds Programs

Launchy is open source program which allows you to find files, music, PDF even the programs with just few keystrokes on your computer. It’s based on same concept of indexing your files as Google Desktop search but I found it light weight on the system. This program is smart in the way that it learns from your previous keystrokes to ...

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