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WordSpy : Find recently coined words and how it is used in new ways


There is no denying that the internet has changed the way we communicate, share knowledge and access information. However in a more general way, the web revolution has made sweeping changes in our day to day lingo, introducing words that are both nuts and witty at the same time. Word listings include definitions, background, earliest citations and list of related, ...

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Synonym Finder : Search tool for Synonyms & Antonyms of a Word

Online resource for finding the Synonyms of a Word

If you are a writer, or even a student, you will be much into writing poems, stories, thesis, or other writing assignments. Generally we need to have a good vocabulary to keep the reader interested in reading our creation further, and in such case this online resource named as Synonym Finder comes in picture. Synonym Finder is a great tool ...

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Free Dictionary apps for Android [Compared and Tested]

Free dictionary app for Android

If you are one of those people who keep on referring to the dictionary, instead of guessing the meaning of unknown words or somehow you are interested in making your vocabulary richer by finding out the exact meaning of every word you encounter on daily basis, you will definitely like to have some dictionary app on your Android mobile device ...

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Which word to choose between these two ? Phras.In

Comapre popularity of similar words

Its a common problem to get doubts which word or phrase to use between two because there are many ways to saying the same thing. Though I love to write the way people can understand easily but even then a paragraph can be made even more beautiful by finding which word is more popular. Phras.in is helping people exactly to clear ...

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BFF, Defriend, TTYL etc. are the new entrants in Oxford American Dictionary

Internet Lingo and Slang enter the Oxford Dictionary

We heard it when Twitter entered the Collins English Dictionary, new words; slangs etc. keep entering the dictionaries across the globe, every year. In the same series a couple of new words, especially the internet and chat lingo, have been included in the Oxford Dictionary, reports CNN Tech,  here is the partial list of the entrants from this series, have ...

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Make your own Crossword Game at Home

Crossword Print at Home

Crosswords is the most famous games which is played around the world and you can make one for yourself at home using your meanings and phrases skills but that needs lot of time and is tough arranging all the cross in the crossword. Crossword creator is a free application which takes input of words from a text file and then ...

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Find meanings and phrases in multiple dictionaries

As more and more people moved into online editing online dictionaries become more common and with that came confusion on which one to use and which is the best online dictionary for editing topics. Most of us have standard websites where we look upon and compare it to find the best bit. Addvert is a custom search engine for dictionaries ...

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Find the expansions of Computer related Acronyms: AcronymGenie

AcronymGenie is a light weight desktop application which can help you find expansions of almost every computer and internet related Acronym. Using the AcronymGenie is simple all you need to do is simply type in the Acronym and as soon as you are done with the typing, you get to see the expansion in the window below. AcronymGenie also tell ...

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Decode your Name to get a Sexy acronym

The Sexy Name Decoder is an online tool which allows you to create a sexy acronym and also an avatar. The Sexy acronym can be hilarious but sometimes stunning names. Like Ashish resulted in  Amorous Stud Hungering for Intense Stimulation and Hugs OOPS! Have a look at these acronyms  below. This also lets you create a simple but effective avtar ...

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Definr : Meep the incredibly fast dictionary

We have already posted a couple of articles taking about online dictionaries, I recently came across this dictionary called Definr, and it claims to be an ‘incredibly fast dictionary’ and probably nobody can deny that, yeah!! It’s fast for sure. Here is a small animation, have a look at the working of Definr. You can get to know about the ...

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Learn the proper pronunciation of names and surnames in different languages

When it comes to pronunciation, names are the most common victims, names from another language which are not very common for us, we often commit pronunciation mistakes. This awesome service allows you to learn the pronunciation of names and surnames, by listening to them, just access the service, choose the first letter of the name or surname, and the list ...

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