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DNS Exchanger lets you switch DNS IP superfast

DNS Changer

When you move between networks most of the times you are required to update your DNS so that connectivity to internet or to the server can be maintained. However doing it the traditional way has too many steps. DNS exchangers lets you switch between predefined DNS or previously used DNS in just one lick and makes sure you save the 5 minute ...

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Benchmark your DNS Servers : NameBench

Slow loading of websites is not just because their servers are slow but many a times it is because of the ISP’s DNS settings. To brief DNS is Domain Name resolver which converts the url you type in the address bar into IP address so that it can connect to it faster. This resolving is done by set of servers ...

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Change DNS on the go with DNS Jumper

Looks like after Google released their public DNS lot of buzz is going around to solve issues with it when something doesnt get resolved. Though I did not find any major performance gain but may be because of cache but DNS Jumper might do the trick for you. This application changes you DNS settings in few clicks which many users ...

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