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Replace Windows Taskbar with Mac Like Dock

Object Dock in Windows

Object Dock is a free Application Launcher program for Windows which is very similar to what Mac Users get on OS X giving users full control to quickly launch applications and organize it according to your need which is way better than what Windows Taskbar offers

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Is your Program Finder / Launcher Smart ?

Executor in Action

A program launcher which can just find and help you launch windows program is what most of us have but have you ever though if your launcher which uses index behind the scene to find apps can understand if you are looking for word inside application name or if that starts with the name, This is exactly what Executor is ...

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Make your Task-bar items Center Aligned with Task Dock

Resize Taskbar area

If you have used any of the Dock Applications which allow you to add all your running task into central place where you can launch, Task Dock is one which does it without giving you a  feel that it’s not Windows 7 feature. This application center aligns everything on your Windows 7 Taskbar so it looks like you are docking ...

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Control pad for Numpad lovers

If you love using the number pad on your keyboard Control pad is just the right application for you. This application allows you to launch programs and do small windows work like minimize, maximize, exit etc by just using num pad. All the numbers can be configured to work with certain commands and adding them is just a piece of ...

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Blaze : An application launcher which learns what you do

Blaze is a windows desktop application which boosts you desktop experience by learning what you are doing on your computer. For an example if you renaming a file named as Goa(1).png to Goa 1.png, it can search files which are similar to Goa(1).png and ask if you would like to rename those also. Blaze is basically an application launcher which ...

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LiberKey can install 250 plus Open source portable applications

LiberKey is a free software program which allows you to install and support more than 250 open source portable applications with just one click. No kidding its the ultimate Swiss army knife for the open sources software like Pidgin, USBDeview, Audiacity, utorrent  etc. You can install it your USB device and since it comes with a categorized menu like graphics, ...

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Favorites Town: A visual tool to manage your favorites

Managing favorites and bookmarks is an important task and also headache for regular  computer and internet users. The major issue is with saving bookmarks is many people don’t know how to manage the bookmarks, they end up stacking the bookmarks at one place and finally when they need to access a page they came across a couple of months ago, ...

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Create custom Jump List in Windows 7

Jump List is another unique feature in Windows 7 which is automatically created depending on your recent file usage. For example I use VLC player for videos and any time I want to see what videos I had watched before, Just right click on the VLC icon on taskbar. Pretty useful. But this list is not in your control it ...

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Create a portable Start menu ( Launcher) for your portable Apps

Its not only useful but has also become trendy to always carry a portable apps loaded thumb drive. Definitely comes handy but also becomes messy when you have 20 or 50 such applications loaded and you keep looking what is where. Pstart is a must have portable applications which creates a Start menu program list like one we have in ...

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