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Play Pacman, Tetris and Sudoku online

Play Pacman online for free

Remember those DOS games, especially the Pacman and Tetris; these were probably most popular games, during our childhood days. The popularity of these games can be understood by the fact that not only the computer versions rather several handheld video games were available on very cheap rates to enjoy these games. If you too were one of the kids who ...

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Run Dos / 16-bit program in separate memory space

Run dialog box with 16bit application support

If you still have programs which are 16 bit or any DOS program like Good old dos games which you want to run in Windows without getting into much of trouble there is a an option you can configure from the Group Policy Editor. This settings adds a check box to the Run dialog box, giving users the option of ...

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Make Old DOS games playable with DOSBox

When people are into XBox and PS2, few of us who grew up with old dos games with 16 colors and those classy 8 bit music still miss them. Infact I had couple of friends who still play with the old game set of them. Same way there were lot of Dos games which dont work now. Keeping all these ...

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