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Shutdown computer when Download completes on Firefox and Chrome

Auto Shutdown after download complete

Most of the download managers come along with an option to shut down your computer when the download is over. Many users who use Firefox and Chrome for downloading files do miss this option. In this post, we will share an extension for Chrome and Firefox which will automatically shutdown computer when the download completes. Shutdown computer when Download completes ...

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Automatically play music when you do something boring like slow downloads

Configure Elevator Music

Who doesnt get bored of downloading stuff especially when the file is pretty huge and even though you had used the best download managers. So what to do you do ? Well I just switch to TV if I don’t have to work but when worked I often switch often if the download is complete. Instant elevator Music is an interesting application just built for ...

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Automatic Save Folder : Managing Download in Firefox

Automatic Save Folder

Automatic Save Folder is a advance add-on for Firefox Downloads which allows the end user to decide where he or she can save the files based on from where the files and downloaded from and what is extension or name of the file is. Specially useful for developers or download junkies. Features : Filter based on Site URL and File ...

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Bolt gets Download Manager for Blackberry

Bolt is probably the only browser which works on non smart phones too and it has grown, improved and is giving better experience to even smart phone users.  I had been using Bolt browser on my BlackBerry and works like charms for almost everything and with their latest release it even got better. Download Manager is what I liked most ...

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Wyzo : Built for supercharge downloading

When it comes to downloading anything every user dream of getting it done fast, in fact faster than the speed ISP provides them. May be you cant get there but Wyzo can super charge your downloading experience by giving you an environment which integrates Bit Torrent, Download Acceleration and Cooliris Previews. Wyzo is a web browser which significantly reduces download ...

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Download manager for File and Image hosting sites

When it comes to downloading files and images it is always a good idea to use a good Download Manager. However with explosion of file sharing services, image hosting service and every social media site coming with their photo album feature it becomes difficult to keep up and this is where Free Rapid Downloader comes into play. Disclaimer :  Download ...

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SK Downloader : Sleek and light weight Download manager

Writing this post takes me to my first ever blog post about Free Download Manager and the reason is today again I am going to talk about a Download Manager. Download Managers have been good way to download files. The ability of download managers to resume downloads; processing long download queues, etc. make any download manager a preferred app. Here ...

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Upload and Share multiple files : Deposit Files

Sharing files is a daily activity which everybody using Internet does everyday ( I wish Email service providers should allow me to share what I send in emails ) but when it comes to sharing a bunch of files together, giving individual links is difficult. Deposit file is one solution which works around this problem and gives you an option ...

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Download multiple Rapidshare files with Free account

Rapidshare by default doesn’t allow you to download multiple files at once unless you have premium account. But with Rapidsahre Download Accelerator you can add multiple files you want to download and it takes care of downloading the files for you without paying money for a premium account The working of this has not been states but it should be ...

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Download all files from any URL in one go

File2HD.com allows you to download almost all the files on any web page. This is useful when you want to download downloading same wallpaper in all resolution on the website instead of downloading them one by one. All you need to do is just provide the URL of the page to File2HD.com and it will render you the download link ...

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Auto Manage your Downloads with Download Mover

I am often found managing downloads, by manually transferring them to music folders, wallpapers folder, software setups folder etc , finally I got this solution, Download Mover, which automatically moves the files to their destination folder, by identifying them on the basis of the file extensions. A 341 KB sized, compressed (.zip) folder is to be downloaded, extract and run ...

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