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Find duplicate photos on your computer even without EXIF

Duplicate Photo Finder

After a new year party or a birthday you always get to have lot of photos which ultimately results in getting copied at lot of places and you go into a mess where you have same copies of the photo everywhere. Duplicate Photo Finder is simple tool which reads all your images and finds all the duplicates when two folders ...

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How to find and remove duplicate images on your computer?

I keep collecting pictures/wallpapers and images from several places, let it be from several webpages, a friend’s computer, etc. hence I have a huge collection, and sometimes I find multiple copies of same image, there are several tools available which work as Duplicate File Finders, and using them you can dig your storage for duplicate files and later you can ...

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Double File scanner : Find duplicate files

Hunting for duplicate files is something we all do all our life using computer, right from project files to our song collection. Today we found another tool, Double File Scanner, which fits for those users who aren’t looking for too many options but a simple UI which finds duplicate files with an option to do a low priority scanning when ...

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Find duplicate songs by comparing sound content

Tag Scanner is an ultimate software if you have huge number of songs database and you maintain information on each of them accurately. This software lets you manage allID3v1, ID3v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, Window’s Media and MP4(iTunes) tags. But the disadvantage of having so many files is the number of unknown duplicate files you might get. You can find duplicate ...

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Clone Spy : Powerful duplicate file finder

Downloading files, copying from one location to another and many situations like this tend to generate lot of duplicate files which occupy lot of hard disk space unnecessarily. Moreover we sometimes have numerous  and same version of a file to confuse us which is latest. Though windows provide us with time stamps, sorting etc but its a cumbersome job to ...

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Remove duplicate files by doing byte to byte comparison

Easy File Duplicate finder is a windows freeware which allows you to find duplicate files in folders and subfolders by doing a byte to byte comparison. Byte to byte comparison can actually find duplicate files even if they had different names which makes duplicate file removal to be removed. You can click on the image to see a larger and ...

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Less Known features to increase productivity with Winamp

Find missing music files in Playlist of Winamp

Winamp is one of most powerful music players which can not only play music and videos of most of the types but also has some in built features which will make you productive when it comes to managing your play list, duplicate music files, find how many songs you have, sharing a HTML Playlist with your friends and so on. ...

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