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How to enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook

Forgotten Attachment Reminder Outlook

Its pretty common to forget attachments while sending emails. It gets even more embarrassing when you boss replies, asking to send the attachment kindly. In this post, I will share how you can enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook. How to enable or disable the Forgotten Attachment Reminder in Outlook A couple of years ago, Office Labs ...

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Tips to save money when using AWeber

Unsubscribed Email Subscribers Aweber

AWeber is an excellent service for Email Marketing but since this is a paid service and you pay for every subscribe. It is important to know and track how many email subscribers actually read your newsletter every time you send them and also understand how AWeber Charges you. Choose between count and actual subscribers ? After a couple of days after I ...

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Get documents digitally signed easily with EchoSign

Digital Signature for Documents

Email not only speed up the communication across the globe but sending files and documents which made it lot successful and almost removed the necessity for using fax machines except at few places of which one is when you need to send across your real sign in a digital document. Thos digital sign can be put in any document using ...

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EFS redirects mail from POP3 to Local SMTP Server

EFS or Email Forwarding System is a free windows application which allows you to forward emails which you receive on your domain account to local SMTP server which is running to accept mail from your domain. This is pretty useful if you had set up an email where all mails are sent and dont want to use the boring Mail ...

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Thinking of Mail Merge ? Is your contact book ready ?

I was trying out the mail merge feature when using Microsoft Office Word and it got me stuck at one big place. Contacts. Mail merge is an automated system where same mail can be sent to many people and still can be personalized for that particular user. You can refer recipients name or company name or even phone number etc ...

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How threaded email conversations work in Outlook Office 2010

Gmail Conversations is one of the features that made Gmail not only standout from other mail services competitors but also made it much more successful. However this feature wasn’t supported the exact way in the Email Clients like Microsoft Office Outlook until Office 2010 version came out. Talking in broader sense, Outlook 2010 has improved a lot in terms of ...

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Cleaning up EMail formatting when replying or forwarding

Replying or forwarding sometimes make it very ugly when they addup charcters like > or | or even the format breaks up. Strip Mail is one software that can help you clean up special characters or even fix the broken paragraphs making it look much cleaner. I have seen it happening  in mails from google group. Features  : Strips the ...

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Ultimate Email Directory : Find lost email address

Ultimate is an online service with wide range of utilities like People Search, Reverse Cell Phone Search, Search by Phone ( reverse cell phone lookup ) , Yellow Pages. What attracted me was the Email Directory Service which allows you to either finding email address or find email address of any other person. Have you ever lost an important email ...

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Generate unlimited fake email in a minute [ Spam Trap ]

Its never a good idea to submit your email id online if you are not sure or don’t trust it. You can always create some random email id  fake ones and use it. However if you are running short of fake email id , Spam Trap is one software that you need. This is a very simple application which gives ...

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A tool for making quick and easy group decisions

Decision making is a tough job, when it comes to groups, getting different views from different people in the community or group is a cumbersome job. Zapproved seems to be the solution for this issue, a simple online tool, with extremely simple user interface, updates the status of proposals immediately and at the same time sends notifications to all the ...

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Six Temporary Email services that work [ Compared and Tested ]

Spam, is probably one of those few things, everyone hates. There are several ways, through which spammers get your email address. The only ‘Mantra’ to save you from spammers is, “Try not to give out your email address”, however this might not be feasible, because there are several instances when you need to give out your email address. So in ...

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Create an E-mail Account with a Unique Domain Name

How about you having a email account with a domain name of your choice without even paying or owning a domain ? Sounds fishy right ? Don’t worry I am not asking you to hack around but its still possible. Mail.Com is an email service which allows you to choose a domain name out of the listed once. For example ...

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