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Problems and Preventions when working on the computer for too long

Problems Preventions Working Computer Long

Working on the computer is something which has become unavoidable these days, most of us here, use computers for more than 12 hours a day, or even more than that. Researches have proved that several disorders are the outcome of long working sessions, inappropriate postures, lack of timely breaks, etc. Here is the list of problems, and preventions if you ...

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Ultimate body fitness app for Android [Free]

Free Body Fitness application for Android

Body Fitness is a free application for Android Platform devices. It can be seen as a virtual trainer, which can guide you through everything related to your fitness, right from the workout sessions to diet plans etc. Once you have this application installed on your Android device, launch it to get the home screen for the application, which has ‘Exercise ...

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How long you should steep your tea ?

How long to steep ?

Steeping Tea means how much time you should have tea in the boiling water so that the flavour and colour gets into the water to make tea. This is pretty important process because anything less or more can spoil the complete taste. Steep.It is an online tool which tells you how long you need to steep depending on what kind of ...

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When to take break ? Breaker Reminds you

Manage Break Times

Working for long hours is good to meet your deadlines but too much of it can lower your productivity in long-term. Even studies say that taking break for a short duration and distracting your mind for a while keeps the boredom away and Breaker is one application which can help you in this. Once you install and run this application, ...

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How to Survive a Heart Attack when you are alone?

Heart Attack is something very common these days, earlier, it was something found only in people of age group like late 40s or 50s, hardly we use to come across this problem in 20s and 30s age group. However these days due to changes in lifestyle and working environment, the trend has changed and due to which the heart attack ...

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Download Free Blackberry Weight Loss Assistant

If you have already planned to start loosing weight, Weight Loss NYC  Center has released a free Blackberry Application which lets you find the details of  calorie and Nutritional Information on Popular Food Items inside your food. For example if you are planning to eat bread  you can find how much calorie each food is carrying. Here are the screenshots ...

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Exercises and Postures to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We have talked about the diseases and disorders caused due to prolonged usage of computers and laptops, we also talked about some exercises which might be helpful in avoiding such disorders, and a software which can help you by reminding and suggesting some exercise during your working hours. Here are some posture advices to be followed especially to avoid the ...

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Exercises which helped me to overcome the Backache, Try them out

It happened a couple of days ago, one night after my long session of working on my workplace and later on my home computer, when I finally headed to sleep, I felt a vehement backache, and later I also realized slight numbness in my legs. I have been lazy throughout my life so far, workouts or physical exercises have never ...

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Workplace angel, Software to keep you fit

I have talked a lot about the disorders caused due to working a lot on computer for several hours. The first post in this series was based on the disorders which are caused due to long working sessions on the computer, and the second one telling about some stretching exercises in the same context. While preparing these posts I came ...

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