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How to disable Facebook Album Theater View / Slideshow

Facebook recently introduced Theater View for Photo Albums which lets user visualize photos in form of  slideshow and removes all  distractions on the page and let user enjoy the pictures only. Many of use like it and many of us feel this is unnecessary. So for all who fall in second part just hit CTRL + F5 i.e. Refresh your ...

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Easily Download Photos from Facebook in a zip or a PDF file

Online tool to download Photos from Facebook

If you ever wanted to download photos from Facebook either from your own account or from your friend’s profile? As long as you are interested in copying 2-3 photos, that won’t require any special arrangement, simply right click on the Photo and use the ‘Save image as’ from the menu, but, if you are interested in downloading the whole album, ...

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Adobe’s Photo UpLoader for Facebook is awesome

Adobe has rolled out an AIR application, Photo Uploader for Facebook but before I start talking about it I would say its more then just a photo uploader. This is what it can do for you : Update your facebook status. View your Facebook timeline i.e your friends updates. Use the chat application right from the desktop. View friends profile ...

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Create Live slideshow of your Facebook Albums

Pretty Slide is really pretty application which uses Facebook connect and lets you create slide show of your albums created in facebook. This is not only easyto create  but the biggest advantage is that you can sync your slide show with album anytime to reflect any pictures added later any time. You get 5 style for slide show you will ...

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