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Record a message to be posted on your Facebook profile after your death

Upload a video message to be posted after your death on your Facebook profile

Facebook is becoming more and more popular every day, developers all across the globe keep on developing several Facebook apps. You might have seen several Facebook apps but this one which I came across recently is little different. Let us have a look at what this app is all about. This app actually is related to a bitter truth we ...

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Fix for making Facebook Send Button Work

Facebook Send

Facebook Send Button doesn’t work along with Like or Recommend button as said by developers and there are lot of people already complaining about it. Not sure if the problem is because it has not been rolled out for everybody or there is some problem because of the like itself but as of now if you have implemented Like and ...

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How to add a Facebook Send Button with Like Button on your Website

Facebook Send Button in Action

Facebook has introduced a Send button which can be added to any website similarly to Facebook Like button. The best part of this is, Facebook Send button can be implemented to the existing code of your Like Button code by just added “send=true” and to disable it, add “send=false”. This should be added right after href like you see below. ...

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How to turn off messages from Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are amazing way to get suggestions from friends specially when you are involved in a group where only selected users are included. Now if the group increases in size so will the questions and responses. By default Facebook group sends you notifications about each post made  and appear as Chat message when you log into your Facebook account. ...

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How to Disable / Hide Facebook Questions

Remove Facebook Questions

Facebook clearly says that there is no way to turn off the Question Feature but if you see your Facebook updates full of questions there are ways you can control them to make your timeline clean and set your email notifications to zero follow some simple steps. Hide Facebook Questions : As of now, there is a chrome extensions which ...

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How to turn off Facebook Question Notifications

Facebook Question Answer Settings

After Facebook recently launched Question feature,  receiving 3-4 emails every day from friends asking questions has become common. What becomes annoying is when you get email after email on a question asked by someone else. Good thing is Facebook Notification Settings allows you to almost turn of question feature by choosing the notifications.  I really wish there was one click torn off ...

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Auto tag your Facebook friends in all the photos

Manav Mishra Tagged

I remember after new year tweet-up in Kolkata, Kuntal has loads of pictures and he called up on all of us asking to tag whoever we know which was a heavy work. The problem with tagging is you need to repeat it with every picture after you have finished uploading the album. In short Facebook doesn’t have a face recognition ...

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Spruce up the Facebook login page with your favorite image

Change the look of Facebook login page with Chrome extension

If you have got bored seeing that typical Facebook login page, and want to change it somehow, here is an opportunity to do so. This can be done using a Chrome extension, named as Facebook Refresh that means you can change the Facebook login page only in Chrome not in other browsers. Simply install the Facebook Refresh in your Google ...

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How to get Official Invite for Facebook New So called Email System

Facebook Message Invitation

Facebook did made announcement about the new messaging system which is like a Unified Inbox for all your Facebook Messages and since its ain invite based you need to go to this url and request for an Invite instead of bouncing around the Internet to either buy an invite or go crazy about it unless it’s really going to solve ...

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