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Docs Friends Chart tells more about your Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends Chart

Another interesting excel based template from Docs.com, Friends Chart. This templates pulls gender, age, and location of your Facebook Friends and create an interesting graph so you can know actually not only from where your Facebook friends are from but also know which age group and sex they fall into. You do not have to worry about privacy issues if you ...

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Create PowerPoint Slideshow of your Facebook Album

Anant PhotoShow on Facebook

Another Social Template of Docs is Photo Show. This template creates a PowerPoint Slide show from one of your Facebook Album or videos or profile pictures. Here is a sample sideshow of my son Anant’s Pictures after one year. Though there is not much option to customize the template but looks very nice. There are stars and shiny elements with animation effect ...

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Create Resume out of your Facebook Profile

Docs Social Templates

Docs.com has few Social Media templates which lets you do amazing things. The first one I would pick up is Resume Creator. If you are on Facebook from Job or Startup point of view and have good information about your Employers and whom you are connected to, you experience etc, The resume template is what you should take a look ...

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Export “only” Facebook Friends Email Addresses

Yahoo mail after revamping their interface has now become more social and the first step goes is that now it allows you to import Facebook contact into your Yahoo Contacts.  Amit @ labnol has explained it  beautifully but there is a catch. Let me explain. Login to your Yahoo Mail. Go to Contacts Tab and you should see a notification ...

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Download Tagged pictures from your Facebook Friends wall

Time for some mass download, Photograbber application lets you download tagged pictures from Facebook from your friends wall posts which they have tagged. This application once authenticated with your facebook account lists all your friends.  You can select any or all of it start downloading the pictures. Thus bulk downloading is very easy and you can forget for sometime after ...

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Fish Bowl : Microsoft Launches Silverface based Facebook Client

Silverlight 4 is yet to be released but Microsoft has launched a full-blown desktop client for Facebook which is built on Silverface which is built on Silverlight 4. This app not only looks awesome when it comes to user interface but integrates well with Windows 7 Superbar. Here are the snapshots : ( The best I liked was the way ...

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Adobe’s Photo UpLoader for Facebook is awesome

Adobe has rolled out an AIR application, Photo Uploader for Facebook but before I start talking about it I would say its more then just a photo uploader. This is what it can do for you : Update your facebook status. View your Facebook timeline i.e your friends updates. Use the chat application right from the desktop. View friends profile ...

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Get your Flying status Tweeted or Facebooked

In an awesome post by Frank Reed, he explains about My Sky Status service of Lufthansa Airlines which allows you to publish your Position in the Sky on your Facebook or Twitter time line. As an example your status would look like : All you will need to do is approve My Sky Status applications to your twitter or Facebook ...

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Create Live slideshow of your Facebook Albums

Pretty Slide is really pretty application which uses Facebook connect and lets you create slide show of your albums created in facebook. This is not only easyto create  but the biggest advantage is that you can sync your slide show with album anytime to reflect any pictures added later any time. You get 5 style for slide show you will ...

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Syncing Contacts : A hunt for syncing all of them

As the social media grows our contact groups keep duplicating. On an average I see a person who is involved into Internet world can be definitely found on at least 3 of the major social networking sites. I had always imagine a core contact list which can synchronize with all my Social networking contacts and bring my contact personal data ...

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