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Windows 7 Favorite : How to delete multiple items

Windows 7 Favorite feature is very productive if you visit same folders more often and it displays all your favorite folder on top left navigation in the explorer. If you want to delete any item inside it you can just do a right-click and select remove but if you want to delete multiple items from it, you cannot do it ...

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Drag and Drop Folders to Favorites for Quick Access [Windows 7]

Ability to quickly access the folders buried deep on your local storage is something which can definitely improve you productivity big time while working with files on your computer. We recently posted about Jump To which is nice app. to help you to quickly and easily access your Favorite links, files, and folders, also Windows 7 allows you to create ...

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Favorites Town: A visual tool to manage your favorites

Managing favorites and bookmarks is an important task and also headache for regular  computer and internet users. The major issue is with saving bookmarks is many people don’t know how to manage the bookmarks, they end up stacking the bookmarks at one place and finally when they need to access a page they came across a couple of months ago, ...

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