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Gionee E6 Review : Brilliant Design & Display but Poor in Gaming & Music

Gionee’s Elife E6 model kept us impressed with the design and build quality, specially the flat form factor but at the end what really matters is if the device really performed for an end-user. Being an Android phone and housed with loads of horsepower components, we tested it with three different user ( Power, Moderate and Casual ) to find ...

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Review : LG Optimus G Pro

Last year, the Nexus 4 from Google and LG, which was based on the Optimus G, really set the bar for Android phones in terms of performance, build quality and price. LG had out-of-nowhere stepped up its game to a much higher level, with the Optimus G and the Nexus 4. Both the handsets met with success, with the Optimus ...

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Nexus 7 (2012) Available for Rs 11,999 on Amazon India

As Nexus 7 second generation is already announced by Google Recently and it should become available in Indian market soon, Amazon India has gone ahead and dropped the price of the Old Nexus 7, which was released in 2012, to a sweet price of Rs 11,999. The version of Nexus 7 listed above is 16 GB Black Model, WiFi Only. ...

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Nokia 301 Unboxing & Quick Review

When looking around for a new mobile for my Mom who just don’t want to use touchscreen and needs a mobile with bigger display, I picked up Nokia 301 which was announced this February at the MWC 2013 event. I am yet to do a complete review of the mobile but here is the unboxing and quick review of using ...

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Review : HP Envy X2 & If You Should Buy It

In this post I have talked my experience of using HP Envy X2 running Windows 8 Pro. Instead of talking all about hardware and boring specs, I have only talked my experience using it using it as Tablet, Laptop, build quality and battery life. If you have any questions apart from these please do put it in comments. Design & ...

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Review : TYLT Y-Charge + Syncable for Smartphones & Tablets

If you are kind of person who travel in a car lot many times, running out of your smart-phone battery or even your tablet must be a common case. Many of you also keep working on your tablet as you travel and transferring files between your phone and tablet is another common use case. In this post I am going ...

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Package Tracker : Best parcel tracking app for Windows 8

Package Tracker for Windows 8

Tracking an incoming package is always a restless job. This gets even messier when you have loads of coming every week. So what most of us do is get in the carrier website and start tracking. This goes on and ends up in a lot of wasted time which cannot be recycled. So today, for Windows 8 Users, we are introducing ...

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[Guide] How to Choose Between a dSLR and a Point and Shoot DigiCam ?

Canon DSLR

Hi People , this is Kuntal Gupta , again with something about Photography to share with you , this time Presenting a “Doubt-clearing” Guide (Well Sort Of). From a few months as my Friends Circle have grown  , I have been asked by many about whether or not to go for a DSLR or just stick to Digital Compact Camera (We will ...

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