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How to setup Sync in Firefox

Sync Firefox between devices

Many of us switch computer either from Home to Office or When at friend’s place but every time you need to remember or at least spend a bit of time finding which url you visited when at home or the office. If that’s your scenario, Firefox allows you to setup sync. In this guide, we will explain how you can ...

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Fix Font issue in Firefox 4 ( Hardware Acceleration )

Disable Hardware Acceleration for Firefox 4

If Fonts on websites are looking pixelated , thicker and sometimes not so easy to read when using Firefox 4,  blame the hardware acceleration for that. For some reason, seems to be bug, Fonts are not rendered like they should be. The image below clearly says how fonts get changed when hardware acceleration is used. Good news the fix is ...

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Pin tabs as App in Firefox 4 for better tab management

Tab pinned as App Tab in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 was launched recently, and with the arrival of this new version of Firefox several new features appeared in the browser. Some of the features are really awesome and make a lot of sense for sure. Like the feature which allows you to pin a tab as app tab. ‘Pin as App Tab’ feature option can be reached by ...

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How to Enable Old Firefox Extensions in Firefox 4

Enable Add-ons compatibility check

Every Firefox Upgrade, many Firefox Add-ons stop working. The reason can be anything right from compatibility to other issues. Sometimes there is no issue but only because the Add-on was set to Work with  say , 3.X  , Firefox says the add-on is not compatible. Though Firefox 4 can automatically update Add-ons automatically but you still need to wait. Steps to make Firefox ...

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Finding recently updated Firefox Add-ons is easy now

Recent Updates of Add-ons and Extensions

If you had always though which add-ons, extensions and themes where recently updated in your Firefox, Add-ons Manager has an excellent feature in place. It sorts  the add-ons according to recent updates. Click on Firefox Menu > Add-ons Look for a configuration icon on top right. Click on and select View Recent Updates. This will add a new pane, Recent ...

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How to turn off automatic update for Firefox Add-ons

FF4 Availble Updates for Extensions

Starting from Firefox 4, All the Add-ons are set to get updated automatically which means if you are if you are testing a current version you will lose it as soon as the updated version for that add-on gets hit. Though thinking from a broader point, specially in terms of security, this is good but some of us might not like this. ...

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Download Firefox 4 It’s finally here!!

Firefox 4 is here

Firefox 4 is officially here and I am sure it’s already downloading at the back if you use Firefox often. In case It’s not showing up for you, Go to Help > Check for Update and you should see the notification for FF 4. Another good thing is it will let you know which add-ons will not work with FF ...

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Whats new in Firefox 4 [ Video ]

Whats new in Firefox 4

Firefox 4 is set to release tomorrow, though RC was out couple of days back but if you haven’t tried it yet, Mozilla Blog has set up a video which demonstrates all the features, at least the catchy ones, coming to your browser. Check it out : Our Favorite features are : Switch to Tab Firefox Tabs and Groups Sync ...

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Switch to Tab gets you already open tab in Firefox 4

Switch to Tab in Firefox 4

Many a time you tend to open already existing website when using a browser. This might happen because you have already too many tabs open and you cannot see it or you just do it in hurry. Firefox 4 has this very useful feature : Switch To Tab , which  brings up already opened tab as you start typing either ...

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Playing with Firefox 4 Tabs and Groups [ Video ]

FF 4 Stacked Tabs

While trying to find out the UI inspiration of Firefox 4, I said that though it has Opera like speed dial feature but it more towards organizing the Tabs into Groups. Now each gets re sized automatically when you have a lot of them or when you do it purposely and when you take it to a level it’s too ...

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Where did FireFox 4 UI Features came from ? [ Inspiration ]

IE FF Multiple Instances

The Firefox Menu : Looks like new File Menu of Office 2010 which opens up the backstage of Office Application got into Firefox. They are same except that there is no drop-down menu which shows up in Office 2010. Chrome Like Tabs Chrome made the tabs go on top  and are more curved on the corners. The same features are ...

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