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How to Rotate and Zoom images in the browser (Chrome and Firefox)

When visiting a website, if you needed to either rotate or zoom or flip an image, then here is a Firefox and Chrome extension which lets you do that. The extension allows you to rotate and zoom images right in the browser without downloading it. How to Rotate and Zoom images in the browser (Chrome and Firefox) Here are the ...

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Split Firefox browser window into multiple panes

Split Firefox browser

If you had used Office products, there is a classical Split menu option which gives you multiple views of the same window. Very useful when you want to compare two documents or two parts of the same document. The same functionality can be achieved in Firefox with the Splitter Add-on. Split Firefox browser window into multiple panes Tiles Tabs WE ...

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View Page Cache & Archive in multiple search engines

View Page Cache

Websites and pages change with time. There is no easy way to figure out how it looked a few years ago or a few days ago. However, all search engines offer Cache which can help you view how a website looked before a change was made. In this post, I will share an extension which can help you view Page ...

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Chrome & Firefox Tabs response slow ? Try these extensions

Firefox background Tab suspendor

When you have too many tabs open in Firefox and Chrome, its possible that overall browser experience doesn’t remain smooth for long, there are a couple of reasons for that of which one is Background tasks. They are also called as Background Tabs, i.e., which consumer CPU and Memory in the background. In this post, we will share how to ...

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Shutdown computer when Download completes on Firefox and Chrome

Auto Shutdown after download complete

Most of the download managers come along with an option to shut down your computer when the download is over. Many users who use Firefox and Chrome for downloading files do miss this option. In this post, we will share an extension for Chrome and Firefox which will automatically shutdown computer when the download completes. Shutdown computer when Download completes ...

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Close duplicate tabs in Firefox and Chrome

It’s common to open the same URL in the browser again and again. Having so many tabs, it makes it confusing, and many don’t realize that they have opened the same page again. So in this post, I am sharing extensions/add-ons for both Firefox and Google to help you close duplicate tabs, and also sort the tabs by URL. Close ...

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How to hide Firefox Tabs using a keyboard shortcut

Hide Tabs Firefox

When you have multiple tabs open in Firefox, the info about the content is always visible in the Tab bar. The area which helps you identify the webpage. While it is necessary, it is also open to preying eyes who can see what you are up to. Many a time you also don’t want anybody to see what you are ...

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Create ePub Files from Feeds and Web Pages

Grabbing Feeds for Ebook

GrabMyBook is an excellent Firefox extension which converts any webpage or feed into ePub which you can later import into your eReader to continue with it at leisure.You can combine articles from different websites, add your own pages and edit the HTML if required.

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