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Get Live Preview of Open Tabs in Firefox : Tab Scope

Google News Preview of Tabscope

Anytime you want to see whats one the second tab or if it has loaded completely or not you need to manually switch and many a times it does not meet your expectations.  So if you have ever wished to get Windows 7 Like live preview of open Windows Explorer or applications, Tab Scope for Firefox just does that.This Firefox ...

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The Nuke Switch to Restart Firefox with All Add-ons Disabled

Disable all Addons and Restart Firefox

Seems like with Firefox 4, you have an option to restart the browser with all Add-ons disabled with just one click.  Many a times users complain that Firefox is not working as intended and the first step anybody should take is disabling all the add-ons and see if your browser is working nice. Next step is to enable them one ...

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How to disable Switch to Tab in Firefox

Disabled Switch to Tab in FF 4

Switch to Tab, a new feature in Firefox 4 which saves your time by switching to already existing tab which matches the url you type in the address bar, instead of reloading the page again. Though this feature is very productive but sometimes people do not want to switch for example, I would  rather open the url once again and ...

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Disable / Hide Facebook Questions [Browser add-ons and Scripts]

How to Disable or Hide Facebook Questions

We recently saw the Theater View for Photos on Facebook wasn’t very warmly welcomed, people kept on looking for ways to get rid of it ( manually or using Extensions ) , by resuming the same old style of viewing the photos, later Facebook recently launched the Questions feature, a feature which was probably an initiative to get the queries ...

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Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox [add-on]

Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox

I am sure you would have used PDFescape at some point of time. PDFescape is a free online tool, which can be used to serve all your PDF file related needs, like a reader, an editor, form filler and much more. You can simply go to the PDFescape official page, and start using it instantly, as such you don’t even ...

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How to Schedule Downloads in Firefox

Schedule Download in Firefox

Many a times it so happens that you wanted to start a download in Firefox but could not because of some work. So what most of us do is bookmark the link and download it later. Now if you ever wished to download files later or could have just schedule it like it can be done in Download Managers, your ...

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Download any Online Video by just playing it once in Firefox

Just play an online video to download it in Firefox 4

After the launch of Firefox 4, I was waiting for some Firefox add-ons to get updated for the compatibility with the latest version of the browser, and in this process, the add-on for which I was waiting anxiously, was my old favorite, named as ‘Download Flash and Video’. Finally the new version is out and working great. So, what this ...

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List of Firefox Add-ons which slowdown the startup

Slow FF Addons

If Firefox start-up is slow for you its time to check if its because of your add-ons you have installed. Firefox has release list of add-ons which slowdown the experience by considerable amount, upto 74% and some of them even affect your browsing experience. Now I am guessing that soon Firefox will have a new feature rolling which will check ...

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Remove the Orange Firefox button from your Browser

how to Remove the Orange Firefox button from your Browser

Recently launched Firefox 4 has several changes in the UI as well; the new orange colored button on the top left corner of the browser is also one of the new additions to the browser’s UI. This button provides you an access to several items, which probably has been done to resolve the absence of the menu tabs which were ...

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Filter images before you download from any website

Firefox Image Picker

Firefox Page Info feature makes downloading images in bulk from any website lot easy, you can even sort according to size or type. Now if you want to go ahead and want to filter according to particular range in size i.e. Image of particular size or between range with a minimum of Image size, you need the Image Picker Extension ...

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View and manage downloads from status bar in Firefox

View and manage downloads from status bar in Firefox

So, what do you do to view the status of an ongoing download while downloading a file using Firefox, the way is, have a look at the Download window, i.e. by using the key combination ‘Ctrl+J’. Here is a Firefox add-on named as Download Statusbar (compatible with newly launched Firefox 4), which allows you to have a look at the ...

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