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Create ePub Files from Feeds and Web Pages

Grabbing Feeds for Ebook

GrabMyBook is an excellent Firefox extension which converts any webpage or feed into ePub which you can later import into your eReader to continue with it at leisure.You can combine articles from different websites, add your own pages and edit the HTML if required.

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Get Live Preview of Open Tabs in Firefox : Tab Scope

Google News Preview of Tabscope

Anytime you want to see whats one the second tab or if it has loaded completely or not you need to manually switch and many a times it does not meet your expectations.  So if you have ever wished to get Windows 7 Like live preview of open Windows Explorer or applications, Tab Scope for Firefox just does that.This Firefox ...

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Disable / Hide Facebook Questions [Browser add-ons and Scripts]

How to Disable or Hide Facebook Questions

We recently saw the Theater View for Photos on Facebook wasn’t very warmly welcomed, people kept on looking for ways to get rid of it ( manually or using Extensions ) , by resuming the same old style of viewing the photos, later Facebook recently launched the Questions feature, a feature which was probably an initiative to get the queries ...

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Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox [add-on]

Open and edit PDF files and Forms within the Firefox

I am sure you would have used PDFescape at some point of time. PDFescape is a free online tool, which can be used to serve all your PDF file related needs, like a reader, an editor, form filler and much more. You can simply go to the PDFescape official page, and start using it instantly, as such you don’t even ...

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How to turn off automatic update for Firefox Add-ons

FF4 Availble Updates for Extensions

Starting from Firefox 4, All the Add-ons are set to get updated automatically which means if you are if you are testing a current version you will lose it as soon as the updated version for that add-on gets hit. Though thinking from a broader point, specially in terms of security, this is good but some of us might not like this. ...

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Easily manage your Facebook account with toolbar

Manage Facebook account using a toolbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Facebook Toolbar for Firefox (available for Internet Explorer as well) is a really quick and easy way to manage your Facebook account. If you are a heavy Facebook user, you probably need this toolbar for sure. Using this add-on allows you to easily access all the Facebook photos, events, friends, inbox etc. from one place. Here is a snapshot of ...

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Free Sketching and Prototyping application and Firefox add-on

Free app to Create Sketches and Prototypes

Sketching and Prototyping are sometimes a part of somebody’s profession and working, and at times we find people for whom this is more like a hobby. Here is an awesome app, which can be very helpful if you are in to prototyping and sketching by any means. Pencil is a cool desktop app, which can be used to create awesome ...

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