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How to turn off automatic update for Firefox Add-ons

FF4 Availble Updates for Extensions

Starting from Firefox 4, All the Add-ons are set to get updated automatically which means if you are if you are testing a current version you will lose it as soon as the updated version for that add-on gets hit. Though thinking from a broader point, specially in terms of security, this is good but some of us might not like this. ...

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Get the Status Bar back in Firefox 4

FF 4 Status Bar restored

Firefox 4 dropped the status bar which for many people was like a watcher to understand what was getting downloaded. The status bar is still there but its more like on and off and you don’t see it always there. To get the status back there is no hack but an add-on which brings it back and adds you much more ...

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Block Facebook Theater Box forever (Browser extensions)

How to Disable Theater Box while viewing Photos on Facebook

The day Facebook launched the Theater Box feature for viewing photos, since then people are looking for ways to get rid of it. Looks like this feature failed to impress Facebook users. Ashish too talked about this in his recent post. There are some ways to deal with this, these ways can be termed as manual ones, and you can ...

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Enable Mouse Gesture navigation in Firefox [Free Add-on]

Enable Mouse gestures in Firefox

Ever thought of using the mouse gestures to control or navigate while working on your Firefox browser. If yes, here is a Firefox add-on, named as FireGestures. Simply, install the FireGestures  like any other add-on, later click on the ‘Add-ons’ under the Tools tab, and click on the ‘Options’ in FireGestures. Here you can get to know about the scripts, ...

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Easily manage your Facebook account with toolbar

Manage Facebook account using a toolbar in Firefox and Internet Explorer

Facebook Toolbar for Firefox (available for Internet Explorer as well) is a really quick and easy way to manage your Facebook account. If you are a heavy Facebook user, you probably need this toolbar for sure. Using this add-on allows you to easily access all the Facebook photos, events, friends, inbox etc. from one place. Here is a snapshot of ...

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Dislike button for Facebook

Dislike button for Facebook

Probably we all know the Facebook interface very well, and we also know about the Like button Facebook, which appears below almost any type of postings made on Facebook, let it be a status message, a photo, a link, a comment, the Like button is ubiquitous. The sole aim of Like button is to show your love to what others ...

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Split Firefox browser window into multiple panes : Fox Splitter

Split Windows Firefox Add-on

If you had used Office products there is a classical Split menu option which gives you multiple views of the same window. Very useful when you want to compare two documents or two parts of same document. The same functionality can be achieved in Firefox with Fox Splitter Add-on. This add-on adds split menu button which you can use to ...

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Make Firefox Download more sensible : Download Manager Tweak

Firefox Download Enhancer

Default Firefox Download windows is very basic with only option to delete items from the list, open the folder etc. These actions are all set into the  right-click menu.  If you do not use any other download manager, today I would recommend you to try a Firefox Add-on, Download Manager Tweak, which enhances the default download windows of Firefox giving ...

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Drag and Drop files on simple uploader forms ( Firefox )

Drag Drop Upload in Simple Uplaoder Forms

Simple uplaoder forms are those which are used when you have problem with flash or Java and hence need to browser files one by one and then upload it. Sometimes Websites allow you to select files one by one but upload in batch and sometimes its more painful when you are allowed to only upload one file at once. DragDropUpload ...

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