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Free Sketching and Prototyping application and Firefox add-on

Free app to Create Sketches and Prototypes

Sketching and Prototyping are sometimes a part of somebody’s profession and working, and at times we find people for whom this is more like a hobby. Here is an awesome app, which can be very helpful if you are in to prototyping and sketching by any means. Pencil is a cool desktop app, which can be used to create awesome ...

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Simplest way to read ePub files on Windows, Linux or Mac

Read ePub files on Windows Linux and Mac for free

ePub is a file extension is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), is also written as ePUB, epub, EPub etc. ePub actually is short form of Electronic Publication. Several eBook readers support ePub format books. You can read more about ePub here. If you want to read ePub files on your computer, here ...

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Hide torrent files inside a PNG file

Hidim torrent to png

Sharing Files on Torrent using popular clients like uTorrent is what most of us do but what happens is when you share a torrent it becomes searchable and your file can be downloaded by everyone. Hid.im is an online tool which encrypts your torrent file as PNG files which cannot be searched for but can only be decrypted by using ...

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How to setup Sync in Firefox 4 and 3.X

FF4 Sync

Many of us switch computer either from Home to Office or When at friend’s place but every time you need to remember or st least spend a bit of time finding which url you visited when at home or at office. Good news that Firefox Users have finally got Sync as core features. What is Sync ? Firefox Sync stores ...

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All-round weather report for any Location – AniWeather

Comprehensive Weather report for today and next 5 days with AniWeather Firefox and Chrome add-on

If you are interested in getting a detailed weather report for your location, there are several ways to do it; here is a simple way to get an all-round weather report, for any location. AniWeather is a Google Chrome extension, which can be used to get full details, i.e. temperature, humidity, wind speed, etc. for any location instantaneously. When installed ...

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How to send links from desktop to your Android Phone

Send links to Andrioid Phone

Some websites require you to browse them through your Mobile device to get the complete experience. Send to Phone and Chrome to Phone are two extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers which helps you in doing so. Both of theses extension can be used to share links of YouTube, Maps or any other website using the Android’s Cloud to Device Messaging service. ...

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Quickly Copy Short URL of any page

Copy Short URL

Most of the websites now come along with their own URL shortener for example WordPress hosted and standalone sites use wp.me as URL shortner.Similarly other sites like Flickr etc have too.  These Short URL is mentioned as one of the meta tags in Web page header. For example see the below image Copy Short URL is a Firefox Add-on which copies ...

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Automatically create dropdown menu for websites you often visit

Tidy Fox Menus

Most of us visit a handful of sites often, in fact we have pages bookmarked to get back to them again. TidyFox is a Firefox add-on which makes this process easy and automated for you. As you visit the websites and any pages of that website, it generates drop down menu for that. Each of the menu item or pages ...

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Find the lowest price for products you want to buy

Invisible hand Amazon

I remember when I was a kid, My dad getting into 3-4 shops to find out which shop is offering the lowest price. Well we do it still today in India as online shopping is not to so common but if you are in UK,  US or Germany Invisible Hand can just help you out. When you are websites which ...

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How to Check If Your Website Is Blocked In China or Not

China Channel

China Channel is a Firefox add-on which is built to give users outside china an experience how it feels when you are surfing within China.  This plugin routes all internet traffic to computers on the inside of the Chinese firewall, allowing web surfers to experience an Internet identical to that of Chinese.   Once installed you will need to select China Channel and then click ...

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Open multiple links in one go, or just copy links/titles of all


We often come across scenarios, where we want to open multiple links at once, or maybe you just want to copy the title and URL of each link in one shot. This is generally encountered while searching for something; I generally open every link in new tab. Here is a Firefox add-on, and a Chrome Extension which can help you ...

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