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GrooveDown Downlods Music from Grooveshark

Search and Download Music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music community where you get to listen to songs and download it without worrying much about DMCA and legal stuff. The song which is yours stays yours even if you download it on your computer if you are not sharing or reselling it to anybody else. So now since you can download and use it anywhere ...

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Free Desktop app to batch download songs from Grooveshark

Free Desktop application to Download music from Grooveshark

Grooveshark is an online music sharing community, and is damn popular among the music lovers; in case, if you haven’t been on Grooveshark, personally, I am sure we all have seen some of our office mates constantly using it for online music listening throughout the day along with the office work. If there resides a music fan in you, here ...

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Search, Listen and Download Mp3 for Free

Search, listen and Download with Free Mp3 Downloader

MP3 Free Downloader is a desktop application, which allows you to Search for songs, listen to them online, and if you want you can download it as well. As seen in the snapshot above, you can easily search for any Mp3 song; options like advance search, browse hot songs, and browse by category are also there and can be found ...

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Listen, Download, and Share music with revolutionary Sound Cloud

SoundCloud is an awesome service, providing several options like listening to music track online, downloading it, and share it with others; moreover it has options which can help you to receive music tracks from others. It is probably the best platform for the artists or music creators, allowing them to easily showcase their creativity. Moreover, they define Sound Cloud by ...

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Find songs with High BPM for effective workout

Playing a high beat music when working out has always resulted in more workout keeping you away from all the fatigue factors we think. Now most of the workout places do play high beat music but if you are working out at home you just need your own playlist of Workout music with high BMP. Beat Scanner is one software ...

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Access a huge database of Songs, listen instantly without sign-up

Sitting away from you’re your music collection?? Want to sooth your earlobes with a particular song, without much efforts of downloading/searching or account sign-up? Trust me, Soundzit, is something you are looking for. Soundzit is actually a very simple service for songs, has a huge database to search and find the song you are looking for, with an option to ...

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Clickster : Search, listen and download MP3 Songs easy

Looking for better way of downloading Mp3 music files for free ? Check out Clickster, a desktop client which lets you search music files and then download it. In case you dont want to download, just listen using the Inbuilt player it comes with. If you have a good bandwidth listening should be a good experience. Another important feature which ...

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Musicovery : An interactive webRadio with Visual Playlist

Musicovery is an interactive web radio which gives you a strong music search engine which is mapped i.e. You can visualize how songs and artists are related to each other and the influences between the artists. The player allows you to select choices depending on your mood What genre of song you would like to listen Which year of song you ...

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5 Mp3 sites which allows to listen and download [ Music ]

AcidPlanet Free Music

What you see below is a collection of free mp3 sites which allow you to download free music and listen to it online. The best advantage is even if you don’t have a player , just play it online. Most of them keep track of latest music and you can find by genera and artist names. With some you might ...

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Download presentation,lectures the iTunesU way!!

Apple’s ItunesU or Itunes University is paving a path to get education easier and closer to the students with the power of ipod. Based on the concept of Itune stores, ItunesU now allows universities and schools to set up their own ItunesU site to . The process is simple, setup the ItunesU site and teachers can post their content they ...

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