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5 New and probably unseen Windows 7 themes [Free Download]

free download Romantic Love Hearts Windows 7 Theme

Microsoft keeps launching new themes for Windows 7, we try to keep you updated on all of them with short reviews, here are some new themes released by Microsoft, and there is one theme which isn’t from the Microsoft, but is awesome and is worth a download and install. Here is the list, have a look – Best of Bing: ...

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Amazing Windows 7 Themes ( Free Download ) Part 2

Windows 7 iPad Theme

This is the second part of our huge collection of Windows 7 Themes and this time most of the themes listed below can change the Start or the Orb Button for you. It uses a small program,  Windows 7 Start Button Changer which you will need to use once you have applied the theme. Also make sure you do read ...

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Download Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7

If you are big time fan of Angry Birds like me, playing it for hours on your Deskotp or Mobile, Angry Birds Theme for Windows 7 is available. If you are not aware, Angry Birds is a shooting game where eggs of some awesome birds get stolen by Pigs and the are out to get them back. Coming back to theme,  it ...

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Free Download Surfing Theme for Windows 7

Sunset Surfing theme for windows

Microsoft has released yet another Sports Theme for Window 7 and this time its surfing the waves on the mighty ocean. This theme has  brilliant high definition wallpaper along with sound scheme will take you to the sea shores, sea birds and the cool waves. You will get to hear one as soon as you install the theme, just loved ...

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Best way to add, copy and delete wallpapers from Windows 7 Themes

Managing Windows 7 Wallpapers

Many Windows 7 Themes become a perfect choice when you consider the overall sound scheme, colour combination, screen saver, wallpaper etc.  However if you want to just change the set of wallpaper i.e. remove wallpapers of the existing theme or add your wallpapers to the current wallpaper of theme, below is the quickest way which is like one click solution. ...

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Download Free Movie themes for Windows 7

Missong Impossible Ghost Protocol

Below I am listing down few top movie themes like Alice in wonderland, Matrix, Iron man etc which has been always on my list and stayed for long as one of the themes on my Windows 7 desktop. Some of the themes have just wallpapers and some are a complete theme with styles and sounds. The Dark Knight Theme Download ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Green Themes

Clearscreen Green Theme Windows 7

Love Green and want to go green on your Windows 7 Desktop ? Here is handpicked collection of Windows 7 Themes which will make your desktop super green. Clearscreen Sharp Theme for Windows 7 The best green theme we have found. The icons are very clear and the colour scheme chosen doesn’t hurt the eyes. A must download. Windows 7 ...

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Free download Arsenal FC Theme for Windows

Free download Arsenal FC Theme for Windows

English Premier League football club based in North London, Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal FC) doesn’t need an introduction. Arsenal FC holds the record for the longest, uninterrupted period in the English top flight and they also are the only side to have completed a Premier League season unbeaten. If you too are an Arsenal FC fan, here is a Free ...

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Download Free Windows 7 Colourful Themes and Styles

Holi Theme for Windows 7

If you don’t like Black or the Pink themes then today we have got you the best of free colorful themes for Windows 7. These themes have the best of wallpapers and also very nice color scheme which you will love. Remember the themes color can be changed from Personalization section of Windows 7. Soney Theme for Windows 7 The ...

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Download Free Santa Christmas Theme for Windows 7

Free Santa Christmas Theme

I hope by now you would have almost finished preparing for Christmas, just two more days to go, and then it is Christmas, the festival begins. If you have finished with all the preparations and decorated every nuke and corner of your home for the occasion, here is something you probably missed on, why is your Windows 7/8/10 not in ...

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Download Your Country’s Theme of Windows 7

Windows 7 Country Themes

Windows 7 has unlimited number of themes that we have covered here but did you know there is an official theme collection for every country also ? Windows 7 Themes Places collection lists 35 country specific themes so you can enjoy and know more about that country without going there. If you don’t see your countries theme in your computer, get ...

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Download Free Winter Windows 7 Themes

Windows 7 Sports Theme

Winter is here and its time to revamp your desktop to have some cool Windows 7 Themes just made for winter. Below I have listed few Free Windows 7 Themes for Winter which have snowboarding to Snow laden trees to roads in wallpapers. It also includes Christmas Theme including a cartoonist theme. Winter Sports Theme : These themes are from ...

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