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How to add Move To Folder and Copy to Folder in Windows 10 Right Click

Copy to Move to In Windows 10 Right-Click

Send To is an option that comes when you had selected any item and right-click. This option lets you send files to already predefined places in windows. I had always wished that Send To context menu in Windows would have got a dedicated customization Wizard. It is beneficial when you want to sort out files quickly without getting into sophisticated ...

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User Profile creation is what Windows should have

How many of you have thought about customizing a new user which you create in a Windows machine ? Why Customize ? There can be lot many reasons for doing that but today I will take a general home user where a single computer can have more than 3 users on an average of which at least one of them ...

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Windows should have “Create Theme” Option

We all install themes to make windows look more beautiful, comfortable and Personal. With Windows 7 personalization it became much easier for users to change themes, put wallpapers and even save any theme after customizing Windows but Users never got an Option which says “Create Theme”. Why we should have this option: With cheaper storage price we have everything in ...

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