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Make a copy of Old Google Documents before you convert to new editor

Google Document just released an update to its Document Editor. An important point in the update is when you open any old document in Google Docs you might get a message which says Would you like to see this document in the latest version of the editor? Preview . This will give you a clear view on how your document ...

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How to view older version of videos uploaded in Google Docs

Google Docs Video Version

Google Docs rolled out a new feature which lets you upload and watch videos in Google Docs video player. Remember this is different from YouTube. but used the same technology in background. Now as we know Google Docs supports version i.e. anytime you want to see how your documents looked like since last update, the same is not available for  ...

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Export All your Google Docs in MS office, Open Office or PDF format

With the latest update in Google Docs it has become pretty easy for you to export all your Google documents into Microsoft office, Open Office or PDF format.  All you need is to select all your folders and then click on more actions > Export. ( Make this an Word to PDF converter as Google Docs accept MS documents which ...

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How to share folders in Google Docs

No hacks no tricks, today morning when I logged into my Google Docs account I was greeted with a new message which said New! Share your folders Cool!! next time I need to share multiple files with my friends I can just put them in one folder and share that folder with my friends.  Just right click on any folders ...

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Reveal Microsoft Office Excel Hidden formulas in Google Spreadsheet

Microsoft Office Excel has an important feature which allows you to hide formulas. This is required when either showing formulas are not necessary or intended so. However, even protected with password the excel file with hidden formula can be seen once you upload it to Google Spread sheet. I tried with and without password protection and both worked. I am ...

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