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GPicSync lets you Geotag your images for Google Maps

Geotag your Images

GPicSync is an excellent geotagging tool. Photographers or anyone who want to show off their images and tell where exactly they took the photo. GPicSync can mix GPS track log with EXIF header of the picture. So, if you upload them on Google Maps, it can automatically pull the data. Here is how you can Geotag your images. This software ...

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Compare two places on Google Maps on your iPad

Double Map HD

If you want to compare two places using Google Maps, Double View HD is an excellent app for iPad. This applications gives you two view of Google maps which can be seen in Hybrid, Sat or normal mode. Each view has its own zoom level which means if you are planning to compare two lakes or two mountains using google ...

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Get notified when a place physically changes on Google Maps

Eden Garden Change Notification

If you been tracking places on earth for any physical changes, like construction of building or if the lake is getting dried up using Google Maps, Follow Your World App can let know you when it actually changes. Yes now you need not to spend time checking every few hours a day to find it. With Follow Your World App ...

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Find address on Webpages in Google Maps : Chrome

Get Maps Chrome Extension

When you see an address on a web page it is possible you would like to find where it is if you are visiting that place. Send to Get maps is a useful Chrome Extension which can launch any selected address into Google Maps. This not only lets you skip couple of steps to manually find on Google Map but also ...

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Find Distance Between Two Cities : distancefromto

Find distance between two cities on earth

Trying to figure how much is the distance between two places ? Any Map service like Bing, Google will do that but here is another dead simple online app, distancefromto which just tells you the distance and nothing else. Just enter From City, To City,  and hit measure distance and you will get the distance both in Miles and KM. Another ...

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Download Google Maps on your computer

Offline Google Maps Search

I remember when our family was on Rajasthan Tour, Getting road maps and directions from Google Maps was a bit of problem because of low-bandwidth. Though Google Maps is pretty light but speed is not same everywhere so only if I had an offline copy on my computer, I would have seen everything a lot easier. GMapCatcher is an offline ...

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Metro Rail in Google Maps India

Google Maps for India has gone tremendous change and I was pretty much surprised to see that Google Maps India now includes Metro Railways path when you plan your trip within the city and it includes Kolkata and Delhi both. Here are few samples when I tried. These routes are included in google maps when there is a possibility between ...

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Doodle the Google Maps with Scribble

Google Maps is one of the best ways to plan your travel specially in India where direction sense has grown to landmarks pointers. However if you want to do something on top of it doesn’t workout easily, such as if I want to mark a set of region, or draw a line between points and write on it and share ...

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Create envelope with Map inside it

This is cool stuff which I found when I was looking around maps. Map Envelope can help you in create an envelope with a custom message and your location on it which is showed with help of Google maps and best is you can print it in the form of standard envelope and send it across. Here is how it ...

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Google Maps got Labs feature

Looks like after Bing Maps got lot of buzz for their apps, Google has finally given Labs Love to Google Maps. I found it accidentally showing it up when I was finalizing my trip due next week :). Click on that green bottle to see all the labs feature. Drag ‘n’ Zoom : Aerial Imagery You’ll see the Aerial button appear ...

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Guide your Friends with Street View : Simple Guide tool

Many a time it is tiring to explain a place to your friend when you want to either meet him up at a cafe or want to show him something new and all you had though it would have been better if you would have picked him up. Simple Guide too is an excellent solution which allows you to guide ...

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