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Create instant HTML website by uploading a zip file

Instan Hosting

When it comes to creating a static website, even popular tools are not easy to handle for a novice user. Most of the users who build static website get their site build by web designers are html files which have some images, contact address, about page and at the max have a gallery of their product. As these kind of ...

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Create awesome webpages without any knowledge of HTML

Free tool to design HTML pages on the fly without any HTML knowledege

If you haven’t learned HTML, and want to create HTML pages for your website, it could be a real pain, designing some simple pages using the HTML won’t be a big issue, but if you want to create pages which have several elements, and a complex design, you will probably need a tool. Here is an awesome tool named as ...

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Your website’s view as seen by the visitors

If you had wondered  why sometimes people fail to find a particular section of your page or website, Browser Size can help you analyze this. This tool from google labs is used by google itself to analyze how people see their website. The sizes represented in this contour are client area sizes, not browser window sizes. This means they represent ...

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Alphabetizer can do any list

Many a times when you find a list on internet the need of changing it to a certain order and format is more then just sorting it according to alphabets or numbers. Albhabetizer is one online tool which understands this need and allows you to Strip HTML Ignore Case Make all lowercase Capitalize first word Remove Duplicates Reverse List Randomize ...

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Easiest way to create pages in HTML: Fresh HTML

Fresh HTML is a free application which allows you to create HTML pages on the fly and then you can get HTML code for pages using a WYSIWYG editor; it has almost every page element you will ever need to create a HTML page, including the multimedia options. Here is the snapshot of Free HTML – You will get to ...

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How to convert HTML TO Media Wiki syntax

If you are not comfortable with Wiki Based syntax and have difficulty when you create or reply a post in a Wiki , Seapine has launched a smart edtor which can convert any HTML code to Media Wiki code. The conversion happens as you write down the html code so all you need is to copy and paste it in ...

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Convert HTML to Javascript, PHP and ASP Scripts

Writing HTML codes is not much of a task but creating an equivalent code in Javascript, PHP and ASP is little tough when you have a big piece of code that you need to convert. There are so many parameters and syntax’s you need to take care of that. But we found an escape from that by using Online HTML ...

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Convert HTML to Javascript DOM [ Online Tool ]

There are lot of scenarios where a programmer is required to convert HTML code rendered using Javascript instead of using it directly over the page. HTML2JS is one such online tool which convert well formed HTML code into javascript DOM code and coder can direcly embed in their applications. Just add your well formed HTML into the left text area ...

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7 Cool Windows Vista enhancements worth to download

Want to make Vista Notifications little Glossy or Making picture in Vista’s start menu a pretty 3D animated ? Welcome to the Cool Vista Enhancements worth trying. #1 3D User Picture replaces the user picture in Vista’s start menu with a pretty 3D animated one. Requires a DirectX 9 capable graphics card #2 Thumbnail Sizer allows the user to change ...

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Wrap your content in different shapes with CSS Text Wrapper

Want to generate your content in that shape ? CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle. Well it might to be the perfect way to read but you can use it at some places where you want to add affects. You can make text wrap around curves, zig-zags, or ...

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How to Create Template / Blueprint of Website with Drawter

Drawit Modules

Drawter is an online HTML editing tool with graphics touch ( Allows you to draw html elements like button , paragraph, header tags like h1 ) . The output is not like a real HTML button but a blue print. It helps you to visualize, arrange and add stylesheet or CSS code with every element. For an example if you ...

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How to test your HTML live with CSS

Real Time HTML editor is an online tool which allows you to test you HTML with your stylesheet or css in real time. The result is displayed as you type and make changes. All you need to do is add your stylesheet  link <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”URL“ /> ( Optional ) or in page CSS and add your HTML tags. ...

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