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GeoSetter: Change location or GPS data in images

Change location or GPS data in images

Adding location data to images is very useful for just one reason, You know precisely where you were. Most of the online tools which specialize in images like Flickr or Picasa have abilities to read the Geotags, which means create an album share with friends, and they know which place you went.  You can also create custom Maps using Google ...

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Tools to Add GPS data to Photos and Images

Add GPS data to Photos

Adding Location details (Geographic coordinates ) to photographs is useful when you take pictures while traveling.  That helps you in pinpointing your exact location when you look back after some time. There are many Cameras which come with GPS tracking inbuilt but they are very expensive. Moreover, if you do have a GPS device separately need of buying a GPS ...

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GPicSync lets you Geotag your images for Google Maps

Geotag your Images

GPicSync is an excellent geotagging tool. Photographers or anyone who want to show off their images and tell where exactly they took the photo. GPicSync can mix GPS track log with EXIF header of the picture. So, if you upload them on Google Maps, it can automatically pull the data. Here is how you can Geotag your images. This software ...

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Create custom Google Maps from your Geotagged Flickr Photos

Flickr supports geotagging ( by using phones or adding GPS Geocode to exif data or manually ) which helps users to remember where the photo was taken. Thats great but its little hard to visualize it or see all the geo tagged list in one place specially when you want to show off your friends on your Europe tour. iMapFlickr ...

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