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Tools to Optimize Images, Reduce Size to load websites faster

optimize images load websites

There is a small myth that I have heard around is only images with higher resolution, and more details ONLY make their size bigger. That’s not always true. Images have more info about themselves, which we can not see. In this post, we will tell you about those data, and share tools to optimize images, reduce the size to load ...

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Batch Optimize JPEG Images using jpegtran

Jpegtran Options

Since couple of days we had worked to optimize our page load. The first step which we took was to optimize existing images by using few best tools which improves loading of any web page as image size gets reduced. For PNG images we used PNG optimizer which supports batch update but for JPEG images it was a bit of trouble. One option was ...

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Optimize GIF Images with Trout’s GIF Optimizer

We had talked a lot about Optimizing Images including GIF but today we found an Optimizer which specifically optimizes gif images and you would see huge difference in size when it comes to big files. Trout’s GIF Optimizer is a light weight application which gives you a live preview and side by side comparison of how your GIF image would ...

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Drag and Drop to Delete meta data from Images

We had talked about couple of software and plugins which helps you to remove extra information like EXIF and meta data from images in order to reduce size. This list is specific for making website loading faster but can also be used for desktop. Nirmal pointed to another one called as Stripper which works only on popular formats i.e. PNG ...

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