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Bulk Picture resizer just made for Digital photo frames

Digital Fotoframe Image resizer

Digital frames are one of the common gifts gives these days but you always want to fill them with images that the person would love to experience when he or she gets hand on it. Though importing images to these digital frames is not touch at all but if you add very high-resolution into them, the viewing experience is ruined. ...

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Photo Magician brings direct device conversion options

Photo Magician Profile Support

Photo Magician is a batch image resizing tool which is not only very easy to use but with the current version its updated with better conversion options which includes settings for devices directly i.e. One click image conversion of Zune HD or iPod for example. It supports for the below mentioned format directly now : DVD (PAL) High Definition TV (HD ...

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Free & Advance Batch Watermark and Resize Photo Software

Free software to watermark your photos full featured

Watermarking your images/photos can be very useful at times; it saves your creation from theft, as well as works as a signature for you. There are several ways and several applications, online tools etc. to watermark your photos easily. Here is another tool, a desktop application, which is free for personal use, and is really awesome in terms of the ...

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Adobe AIR based application to easily batch resize images

Batch Resize images with Adobe AIR app

Here is an AIR based image resizing tool, named as Shrink O’Matic, the UI of this tool is damn simple, it can resize images for height, width, or both, or you can resize on the basis of ratio, say you want to resize an image simply to 50%. It has option so that you can produce the output in a ...

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Quickly resize images in blackberry : Shrinkit

Like on desktops, it is likely that you might like to reduce images on your mobile too, primarily when you are running out of space. Blackberry version of Shrink It which can re size your picture in 1:2, 640w, 480w, and 320w in just one click. It also allows you to downsized picture quality. Install Shrink it Tips on the ...

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Share, Email and Upload Images faster with Shrink Pic

It’s a common scenario for any internet user to share photos with friends either via messenger or email or through any Photo Hosting sites like Flickr. Have you noticed that sometimes it takes a lot of time to transfer files or when you upload the progress bar keeps going on and on ? This might be not just because of ...

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Automatically Resize images by moving them to specific folder

While writing the articles for blog, one of the things which are quite irritating is resizing the images (snapshots) in order to optimize them for the blog, no doubt there are several image resizing options, here is a tool which does this for you automatically, if you often need to resize the images for posting them on any kind of ...

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Batch edit photographs to resize, add frames, watermarks etc.

We have discussed about several watermarking tools which can help you to add  custom watermarks to  your photo and images, here is another simple and easy to use application which can help you watermark, resize, and add frames. Good Frame is a small tool, which allows you to add frames (preset frames or any combination of colors you want to ...

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Puny PNG : Reduce Image size up to 35%

We had talked on ample of tools which allows you to reduce image sizes and help you in loading your web pages faster than ever. This tools strip out extra meta data and unwanted layers which reduces the size without loosing quality of the image. We discussed around 5 tools which you can read here. Today we found another tools ...

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Best Quick Image Resizer Tool

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone, a project getting developed at codeplex, is probably the quickest image resizing  tool in my knowledge. Many a times you just need to quickly resize an image to a particular size without any thought of watermarks or compressions ratio or even the EXIF data and this where this tool beats out rest of tools. Just right ...

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VSO Image Resizer: Resizes, Watermarks, converts and Adds Effects to photos

VSO Image Resizer is an awesome application for managing your photos; a 6Mbs download is all that’s required to enjoy the VSO Image Editor. Once installed, and launched, it asks you to choose the photos you want to manage, multiple photos can be selected for batch processing. Using VSO image Resizer is pretty simple, once you open the interface things ...

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