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Turn your iPad, iPhone into a Song Download Center

Song Explorer Pro

Lets say you have a song in your iPad or iPhone which you want to share with a friend who came in with a laptop.  The only possible way apple provides is using  iTunes which means either you need to install iTunes on your friends computer or turn on your laptop do that. So much of problem, So lets meet ...

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Notes taking app for iPad / iPhone Roundup ( Stylus, Voice and Keyboard )

iBlackBoard app for iPad

iPad is an excellent replacement for real notebooks, not just because battery runs longer, but there are some amazing notes taking apps which can use your voice, gestures, sync online or simple let you draw your plan as you note things down. Below is the list of Notes taking app categorized into Stylus Support, Voice and Keyboard Only apps. iPad ...

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Turn your iPad into a secondry wireless monitor | DisplayLink

Display Device Detection in Windows

If you ever wished to turn your monitor into an extended display i.e. Secondary Monitor so you can move some applications or windows from your primary to here, such as videos, DisplayLink for iPad is an excellent option. To use this you do not need any cable or USB wire, just works over WiFi and can be used as Primary ...

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Multiple Countdown timer App for iPad – nTimer ( Free Today )

Multiple countdown timer for iPad

iPad doesnt have multiple alarm clock which is useful when you want to set up a series of alarm either to get up or get reminded about some work after sometime.  Though you can do it through Calendar events but that’s not very convenient when you do not want to mess up your calendar with you alarm schedule. nTime is ...

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Bulk Upload comes to Dropbox for iOS

Dropbox Bulk Upload

If you have always hated uploading images to Dropbox for iOS ( iPhone / iPad ) because of file by file upload, Good news for all of us, Now you can upload multiple files using the bulk upload feature and now it comes with a dedicated tab for uploading files. How bulk upload / mass upload works in Dropbox for ...

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Video Review of Bing for iPad

Bing for iPad

Microsoft has released iPad version of their decision based search engine, Bing . Below is a video review of its features and few test I made using voice. Overall this is an awesome app and I will give Bing team 9 out of 10. A very well done job here. Key Features  of Bing for iPad Very easy to use Interface. ...

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GeoPedia finds Wikipedia entry even for a street (iPad / iPhone App)

Geopedia app for iPad

If you are trying to find information of a certain place on Wikipedia, GeoPedia App for iPad and iPhone is a handy app which can find it for you. This application uses Google Maps for location search and Wikipedia as database with capacity of finding a Wikipedia entry even to a street level, if its available.  In simple language, it ...

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Google Reader on iPad : RssAnywhere ( Free Today )

Google Reader on iPad

RssAnywhere is a Google Reader app for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod, which not only lets you read the all the feeds in your google account but also lets you manage them which includes search feeds by keyword. The best part is it downloads the feed items for offline reading. It completely syncs your read articles with your Google ...

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Manage traffic on your iPad : Traffic master ( Free Now )

Traffic Master Game

Traffic master turns you into a traffic controller of major cities like New York, Springfield, Miami.This game basically gets you on a crossing where lot of cars, trucks etc pass on. You need to make every pass through safely without accidents by either stooping them or accelerating them. This game is free for next two days so make sure you ...

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Wireless transfer photos / videos from iPad / iPhone to PC / Mac

Media Transfer iPad FTP Settings

Getting your photos and albums saved on your iPad or iPhone to your computer without connecting the  boring USB cable sounds very exciting and this is exactly Media Transfer app for iOS is doing it for you. This application transfers videos and photos from iPad / iPhone over WiFi to your computer automatically or with just one tap. Being smart ...

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