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Google TV remote app for iPhone / iPad is here

Google TV Remote for iDevices

Google TV has officially launched an iOS app for iPhone, which works on iPad also, to remote control Google TV right.  The best part of this app is you can make search using voice and has back lights best suited when used at night. Another Geeky thing is and if you have multiple iphone or iPad each of them can ...

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How to view page source of webpage on iPad

Page Source on ipad

Safari Browser in iPad doesnt let see the source page of any webpage in case anybody wants to check the HTML code behind it for even testing purpose but there is an app for that. iHTML Plus is a free iPad app which opens up a webpage and then loads its Page source side by side. In case you want ...

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Turn iPhone / iPad into a secret voice recorder

DropVox recoding and upload to dropbox

If you had always though of secretly recording conversations with somebody so you can use it as evidence when required, iPhone / iPad users are lucky to have dropvox. This application is capable of recording while it is running in background and upload it to a Dropbox account quietly. Yes nobody will know anything about it. All you will need ...

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Ditch Safari on iPad for Google Mobile App

Google Desktop Search in iOS App

Google Apps for iPad in its recent updated changed from just being an app to a complete ( almost ) browser with added benefit to search with your voice, using your Google account and use Google Search  with auto complete  like you do on your desktop. Now when I compare this with safari, Google Mobile app Search  with voice and ...

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iPad App finds about disasters around you

Japan Tsunami Alert

This app is for those who are bit daring. This iPad App keep tracks of all the disaster happening around the world like earthquakes, flight accidents, fire, volcano eruptions, flood, severe weather like hailstorm,snowfall etc and displays them over Google Maps. What makes it more interesting is the amount of detail it can give, for each such disaster you get ...

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Design Game Case, Magazine cover and Posters on your iPad

Xbox Cover

If you want to change or redesign the game cover or the one which is on your cd with something of your own, discCover app for iPad is the quickest solution.This app comes along with templates for most of the game consoles like PSP, XBox 360, Standard CD Covers, Blu-ray case and so on. All you need is to select ...

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Download Free iPad App to play Guitar

Classical Guitar

If you do not want to buy a real Guitar but still would love to play it, Classical Guitar is a free iPad app which lets you play guitar on your iPad. You can play this by holding like a real one and beat the cords. The main features of this app are : You can configure the cord sets ...

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Radial makes typing in iPad Faster and easier

Radial Keyboard Landscape Mode

Typing on iPad is a bit of pain when you need to hold it with one hand and type with another, specially when you need to write long emails. Its pain because you cannot reach all the keys holding it with both the hands both in landscape and portrait mode.It is also very difficult to reach the keys which are ...

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Cheat Sheet finds you all Golden Eggs in Angry Birds

Cheat Sheet Game List

If you have tried hard to find all the golden eggs in the Angry Bird game, Cheat Sheet is here to recuse. It does not tell you how to use a cheat code to get the egg but tells you where it is and how you can get it. They even have a complete video tutorial on getting all the ...

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Take snapshot of parts of PDF documents in iPad

PDF Snaphsot Save to Photos

It may so happen that you might not want to share a complete pdf document with someone but only a part of it.  If you are on a desktop taking a screenshot is an easy job but when you are on the move with iPad its difficult. Yes you can take screen shot and then edit with some image editor ...

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Compare two places on Google Maps on your iPad

Double Map HD

If you want to compare two places using Google Maps, Double View HD is an excellent app for iPad. This applications gives you two view of Google maps which can be seen in Hybrid, Sat or normal mode. Each view has its own zoom level which means if you are planning to compare two lakes or two mountains using google ...

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