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Take snapshot of parts of PDF documents in iPad

PDF Snaphsot Save to Photos

It may so happen that you might not want to share a complete pdf document with someone but only a part of it.  If you are on a desktop taking a screenshot is an easy job but when you are on the move with iPad its difficult. Yes you can take screen shot and then edit with some image editor ...

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Compare two places on Google Maps on your iPad

Double Map HD

If you want to compare two places using Google Maps, Double View HD is an excellent app for iPad. This applications gives you two view of Google maps which can be seen in Hybrid, Sat or normal mode. Each view has its own zoom level which means if you are planning to compare two lakes or two mountains using google ...

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iPad Alarm clock which can make you do maths every morning

iClock HD

Alarm Clock is another missing feature in iPad unless you had used Calendar to remind you to get up everyday morning. Even with that its cannot do things the real alarm clock does. Looking around in App Store, I found iClock HD which is really a nice Alarm clock for iPad. Features of iClock HD High Definition Display. Create Multiple ...

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Turn your computer ON from iPad / iPhone

The best experience to turn on a device is without touching it, such as I can turn on my Xbox using the controller if it is just connected to power. Same way if you want to turn on your computer remotely, iPad / iPhone lovers are lucky that there is an app for this. The App is named as Wake ...

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Create Email Groups in Contacts of iPad, iPhone using MailShot

Mailshot Group Email

Creating a group using your contacts is one feature still missing in iOS native contact application. Though it is possible to virtually create it by adding a comma after the email address and add new but the process is painful. MailShot is a free application ( as of now ) which gives you an interface to create a group of ...

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Google Transaltion App for iOS : Video Review

Google released its translation app for iOS devices i.e. iPad, iPhone and iPod which comes with voice support for 15 languages and you can translate by typing in between 57 languages. Below is a video demo of how this app works. ( Direct Link ) Features : Save your translation. Full screen view of the translated words, useful when you ...

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ExoPlanet : Explore planets outside our solar system ( Video )

HAT p 27 b Planet details

Ever wondered how many planets are already discovered beyond our solar system ?  The recent find of Planet named HAT p 27 b the count is 519. Pretty surprising right!. I found this app for iPad called as ExoPlanet which can get you all these details in few taps. This application consolidates details of all the planets which are outside ...

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Discover historic places around the world with Fotopedia iPad App

Fotopedia Home Screen

Fotopedia is one of the best sites which can help you see and experience places which you might never ever visit in your life and if you do it can be your best guide to know before your Travel agent can ask you.  Coming to the topic, Fotopedia has a free  iPad App, Fotopedia Heritage which hosts a collection of ...

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Free Download Office OneNote app for iPad, iPhone and iPod

OneNote iOS App

Microsoft for the first time released an app for Office OneNote which works for iPad, iPhone and iPod devices if they are running iOS 4.2 and above. This application however is only available for iTunes US stores only though I don’t see any reason to restrict it otherwise. Remember this is free for a limited time only, so go and ...

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Downlad Free Hindu Calendar for iPad

Hindu Calendar for iPad

If you use Hindu Calendar for finding out when it is Purnima and when it is Amavasya or which Hindu Month it is, there is a Hindu calendar for iPad available. This calendar is developed by ABCOM which combines both Hindi and English Calendar together for year 2011. There is a Marathi Version of this calendar but that costs 1.99 ...

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How to print from iPad even on non ePrint HP Printers

Dropbox HP iPrint Issue

iPad by default only supports printers which can work with AirPrint technology. The latest HP ePrint  printers work fine but the problem comes with the older printer which do not have ePrint technology and cannot be upgraded. Below is my technique to print documents ( PDF and TXT only ) from iPad using a non ePrint HP Printer which in ...

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