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World Atlas HD for iPad beats the traditional maps anytime

Indian Satellite Map on World Atlas HD

As a kid I used to play games on Atlas such as finding a place on any country and it was the biggest productive time pass specially when we had nothing to do. This not only helped me learn which places are where in any country but also helped me score in the Maps exam in Tenth. Fast forward 20 ...

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Decorate Christmas Tree on your iPhone and iPad, and share it the way want

Free app to Decorate Christmas Tree on iPad

Christmas related several apps for almost every platform have flooded the market lately; we have been trying to bring the best apps to you here is another one in same series, an iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone app, named as ‘Decorate Christmas Tree’. Actually the app presents a Christmas Tree in front of you, later allows you to decorate it ...

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Turn your iPad into Eye Testing Chart : Snellen Chart

Snellen Chart

Eye Chart pro is a free iPad app which lets you check if your vision is good by bringing the Eye Chart used by doctors for testing your vision clarity. iPad Portability has a lot of advantages and this is one of the best use you can make. Lets say if you doubt on your kid and is complaining often ...

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Add Santa hats to your photo with free iPhone app

iPhone iPad iPod Touch app to add funky Santa Hats to your photos

Holiday season is here, people are busy with Christmas celebration preparations. Several awesome applications for different mobile devices and platforms have been launched; in the same series here is an awesome app for iPhone, which also is compatible with iPad and iPod Touch devices. This app named as Holiday Hatter, actually allows you to add those beautiful Santa hats to ...

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2X Client for iPad : True Remote Desktop Connection app for Windows

2X Remote Login Interface to Windows

If you are looking for a remote desktop connection app for iPad which lets you control windows like you do from any normal computer, 2X Client is a perfect tool and is absolutely free. Why I am calling it a true Remote Desktop Application ? Because it gives you all the options except network drive option for example you can configure. Manage multiple ...

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Big Bad Flower can test how fast is your reflex

Big Bad Flower Bubble Capture

Big Bad Flower will be another addictive game on your iPad, iPhone and iPod not only because you will love taking on your enemies saving the flower but it will make you react faster that you have ever imagined. It really tested by reflex when I tried it out today morning. What is this game about ? There is a ...

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Free Download Pong Game for iPad


Pong is another classic video game which is played between two players, like Air hockey and this is available on iPad also. I tried around 15 Pong games that’s available for free for iPad and found Modern Pong and Pong4Four to be the best one. Modern Pong This is the best version of Pong on iPad even if you install ...

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iPad Time Waster Game : Paper Toss HD Free

Paper Toss Free

Remember as kids we used to throw paper on each other ? In fact most of the times it turned out to be a paper war where we used to take off paper from notebooks, roll it and aim. Great time killer during free period. Paper Toss HD free is on similar lines except that you don’t throw off on ...

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Switch brings multi user profile to iPad for Browsers

Switch Multi User Browser login

iOS doesn’t have a multi user concept like Windows though it supports multi tasking now which makes it  a bit less secure unless you have locked it with pass code and going one step ahead, secured it using the feature of Mobile ME. Having no multi user profile whatever you have browsed is open to anybody who gets accessed to ...

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Free Download a Pack of 30 iPad Wallpapers

Free iPad Wallpaper Pack Alice - Red Queen

If you are an iPad owner and looking for some awesome wallpapers, here is a pack of iPad wallpapers which has 30 wallpapers in it. The resolution of the wallpapers is 1024×1024, almost all the wallpapers in this pack are abstract types. Here are some of the scaled versions of the wallpapers from this pack, have a look – If ...

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Watch Video on your iPad from your PC / MAC

ZumoCast Resume Support

If your iPad is running out of space and you hate sitting before your computer to watch favorite videos and listen to music then  ZumoCast is an excellent solution. This application lets you watch videos / movies and songs which are stored on your PC or Mac without moving them into your iPad. It supports ivX (divx),Flash MP4 Video (f4v),Quicktime ...

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Plain Text : Free Editor for iPad which syncs with DropBox

Plain Text

iPad comes with a default editor, Notes which itself has major issues on exporting them out of iPad. There is no direct way except that you can mail the notes to anybody via Email. Now if you are looking for simple editor which can gives you pretty steady feeling while writing something on the go and also get it on ...

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